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Still Think Harry Potter’s Not for You? We Beg to Differ

By Ashley Morton


If the name "Harry Potter" fills you with dread, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Here’s a list of common complaints, and why they shouldn’t stop you from joining in the fun.

Complaint: “It’s just for kids.”

The beauty of an eight-film narrative is that you see Harry and his friends evolve. Although he’s 11 years old in the first film, by the final one he’s 17, and more mature than most of the adults around him. As Harry grows up, so does the story, with each installment going deeper and darker.

Complaint: “I’m just not into fantasy.”

Sure, the culture is different, but not unfamiliar. First crushes, too much homework, irritating siblings, these concepts are universal. Don’t let the flying broomsticks overshadow what’s really here: a profound exploration of good vs. intolerance. (There’s also a chance you’ll find similarities between J.K. Rowling’s plot points and current events.)

Not to mention, these characters are bold and brave, rising to risks and challenges. Watching the movies requires nothing more than an appreciation of a well-made adventure-series.

Harry Potter

Complaint: “There are so many movies.”

Just wait. Once you get your feet wet, you’ll be saying there aren’t enough movies. With all the films available at once, you can chunk out your watching at your own pace. The first two are faithful to their source material, which helps with the onboarding. By the third, you’ll be hitting your groove.

Complaint: “There’s too much to learn and keep up with.”

In the end, we’re all just muggles — ahem, humans. Which is to say, everyone started where you are now. When Rowling’s books first came out no one had any idea what “Gryffindor” or “Patronus” meant. In fact, Harry Potter himself starts out not knowing; you’ll be learning at the same speed he does.

Harry Potter

Complaint: “I haven’t read the books.”

Look at it this way: Watching a movie is a much easier toe-dip than opening a 223 page book (and that’s the short one.) If you’re stuck on the idea that one will spoil the other, remind yourself that the films are adaptations of their book-versions, making both experiences unique on their own.

Complaint: “I’m afraid I’ll love it too much.”

We know that feeling. If you fall deep for Pottermania and want even more to top off your binge, check out Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to scratch that itch.

Now that you’re convinced, here’s more to explore.

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