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    Blade Runner 2049horror-sci-fi | R
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    Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford share the screen in the Oscar-winning sequel to Ridley Scott's classic about man?s relationship to machines.

    Alien: Director's Cutsuspense | R
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    Sigourney Weaver is Ellen Ripley, a space mission officer fighting to survive after a foreign creature inhabits her ship. Directed by Ridley Scott.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travelhorror-sci-fi | TV-14
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    Chris O?Dowd and Anna Faris star in this sci-fi comedy about a drunken group of friends who aim to solve a time-travel conundrum.

    Star Trek: Nemesishorror-sci-fi | PG-13
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    As Captain Picard prepares to sign a peace treaty, he and his crew discover a more serious threat to the Federation. Featuring Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy.

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