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    War for the Planet of the Apes

    In this Oscar-nominated installment of the blockbuster action franchise, Caesar ? leader of the vengeful apes ? is determined to make sure his kind becomes the superior race, no matter the cost.


    Action and Sci-Fi Hits

    Wonder Womanaction | PG-13
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    Gal Gadot is Diana, a warrior in training, who risks everything to fight for the innocent in a world outside her own. Directed by Patty Jenkins.

    Atomic Blondesuspense | R
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    Charlize Theron stars as an MI6 agent sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of fellow agents during the Cold War.

    Alien: Director's Cutsuspense | R
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    In this sci-fi classic, Sigourney Weaver stars as Ellen Ripley, whose team answers what seems to be a distress call on a strange planet.

    Lights Outsuspense | PG-13
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    When her mother?s depression takes a sinister, lifelike hold, Rebecca (Teresa Palmer), is forced to find the root of her mental illness.

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