How Do I Get Max as an HBO Subscriber?


As you may have heard, Max—the enhanced service replacing HBO Max —will be the new streaming home for all of HBO (from Curb Your Enthusiasm to The Last Of Us). And that’s not all; it’ll also be your source for must-see real-world series, including reality and food shows. Naturally, you’ll want to take advantage of all the service has to offer. Here, learn how to get Max so you can start streaming crave-worthy series, award-winning films, and attention-grabbing specials ASAP.

How do I sign up for HBO on Max?

HBO Max subscribers

If you’re a current HBO Max subscriber, you won’t need to sign up for Max. The HBO Max app will either automatically update to Max, or when you open HBO Max, you’ll be prompted to download the Max app.
That’s it—happy streaming!

HBO subscribers

If you’re an HBO subscriber (i.e., you get HBO through your internet, mobile or TV provider), visit the Max Help Center to learn about accessing Max.

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The Last of Us

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What’s included with my Max subscription?

Max is the one to watch for all your streaming needs. The enhanced service will be home to all your favorites from HBO and HBO Max, but that’s not all Max will offer. There will also be lots of new-to-you content, including real-world series in the reality, lifestyle, food, and true crime genres.

In short: You’ll have a lot available to watch.

New to HBO Streaming?

If you aren’t a current subscriber, you can get Max by heading to the sign-up page. Follow the instructions to sign up, then download the app to your favorite streaming device and sign in. Start filling your watchlist with everything that piques your interest, and pick something to watch first. (If you want to start streaming before launch day, sign up for HBO Max now, and you’ll get access to Max when it launches.)

To learn more about Max, read the all-in-one guide.

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