The Slow Hustle

TV-MA | original | 1 HR 29 MIN | 2021

The Slow Hustle, an HBO original documentary from director Sonja Sohn (HBO’s “Baltimore Rising” and “The Wire”), chronicles the still unsolved death of Baltimore police detective Sean Suiter, fatally shot in 2017 while in the line of duty, and explores the ongoing speculation about what really happened that day.

With candid interviews from members of the Baltimore P.D., Suiter’s widow and children, journalists, lawyers and political leaders, The Slow Hustle examines the continuing mystery surrounding Suiter’s death and the multiple theories that emerge in the investigation of the case, including that Suiter’s death was a calculated murder hit or a suicide.

Ultimately, the journey reveals how the culture of corruption within the ranks of the Baltimore police force contributed to the destruction of the public’s trust and impacted the police department’s ability to solve a shooting death of one of its own. The unsolved case also sparked far-reaching implications for a city already grappling with the complexities of policing in contemporary, urban America.

Bonus Scenes

Watch these additional moments featuring Sean Suiter's family attorney, Jeremy Eldridge.

the slow hustle: pursuing a lead
the slow hustle: case closed

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