The Stroll

TV-MA | documentaries | 1 HR 25 MIN | 2023

When Director Kristen Lovell moved to New York City in the 1990s and began to transition, she was fired from her job. With so few options to earn money to survive, Kristen, like many transgender women of color during this era, began sex work in an area known as “The Stroll” in the Meatpacking District of lower Manhattan, where trans women congregated and forged a deep camaraderie to protect each other from harassment and violence.

Reuniting her sisters to tell this essential New York story from their first-hand experiences, Kristen’s intimate narration and interviews bring an astonishing array of archival material of bygone New York from the 1970s through the early 2000s to life. 

Credits: HBO Documentary Films presents The Stroll. Directed by Kristen Lovell and Zackary Drucker; producer, Matt Wolf; executive producers, Carlos King, Scott Shatsky. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Sara Rodriguez.