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Love to Love You, Donna Summer

TV-14 | documentary | 1 HR 47 MIN | 2023
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Love to Love You, Donna Summer is an in-depth look at the iconic artist as her voice and artistry takes her from the avant-garde music scene in Germany, to the glitter and bright lights of dance clubs in New York. A deeply personal portrait of Summer on and off stage, the film features a wealth of photographs and never-before-seen home video footage – often shot by Summer herself. Through a rich window into the surprising range of her artistry, from songwriting to painting, Love to Love You, Donna Summer explores the highs and lows of a life lived on the global stage.

The documentary Love to Love You, Donna Summer, directed by Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams and Brooklyn Sudano, daughter of Donna Summer, available to stream now on HBO and Max.

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