Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project

TV-MA | documentary BIOGRAPHy | 1 HR 42 Min | 2024
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This award-winning documentary travels through time and space to reveal the enduring influence of Nikki Giovanni, one of America’s greatest living artists and social commentators. Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project reckons with the inevitable passing of time through a collision of memories, moments in American history, live readings, and visually innovative treatments of Giovanni’s poetry.

Confluential Films and Rada Studio, in association with JustFilms | Ford Foundation; in association with Bertha DOC SOCIETY. Writers and directors, Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson; producers, Joe Brewster, Michèle Stephenson, and Tommy Oliver; executive producers, Codie Elaine Oliver and Taraji P. Henson; editors, Terra Long, Lawrence Jackman, and Regi Allen; with the voice of Taraji P. Henson.