What Is Max? The Streaming Home of HBO


There's a change coming soon: the introduction of Max. Max is the enhanced service replacing HBO Max. The service will feature iconic programming, including all the HBO content you already love, like Game of Thrones. It will also be home to crave-worthy genres, plus some of the most anticipated premieres. (So prepare to find some new favorites.) Basically, it’s the one to watch.

Below, you’ll learn the answers to more Max FAQs, like when Max will be available, how it differs from HBO Max, price details, and more. Think of this as your guidebook to everything Max.

What’s The Difference Between Max and HBO Max?

With Max, in addition to all your HBO Max content, you’ll get a wealth of real-world shows in a wide range of genres, including reality, lifestyle, food, true crime, and more.


When Will Max Be Released?

In the US, Max will replace HBO Max on May 23rd. In the meantime, you can keep watching HBO Max like normal.

How Do I Watch HBO on Max?

If you’re currently subscribed to HBO Max, one of two things will happen on May 23: The HBO Max app will automatically update to Max, or you’ll be prompted to download the Max app the next time you go to watch. Either way, you’ll be able to start streaming a new show (or a permanent comfort watch) ASAP.


Will I Still Have Access to HBO Content on Max?

Max will be the streaming home of HBO and include everything already on HBO Max. This means if you’re in the middle of a series or have 30 minutes left in a hit movie, you won’t have to miss a beat. 

Learn more about what you’ll be able to watch on Max.com.

How Do I Watch HBO?

Watching HBO shows on Max is as easy as opening an app. Just settle down on your couch and pull up Max. From there, you can search for specific HBO shows you’ve been meaning to watch or explore all the options available. Any time you spot something you want to save for later, you can add it to your watch list.

If you’re used to watching HBO live on TV, that’s still an option, too. Nothing is changing there. Check out our schedule to stay on top of what’s on.


Does Max Come With HBO?

As we mentioned, Max will include all HBO content. And you’re free to stream it all, from Sex and the City to The Last Of Us, whenever you want.

More questions? This page will be updated as we approach the Max launch, so keep checking back for more information. You can also visit our main FAQs page for answers on all things HBO.

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