How Do I Watch HBO On Max?


HBO is here to stay—all of HBO will be on Max. You’ll be able to stream your go-to shows and blockbuster movies, not to mention all the latest HBO series that have people talking.

Ahead, we’re answering all your questions about how to watch HBO on Max.

Is there a new app for HBO?

The Max app will become the streaming home of HBO. If you're an HBO Max subscriber, one of two things will happen on launch day (May 23rd):

  1. Your HBO Max app will automatically update to Max.
  2. You’ll be prompted to download the new Max app.

New subscriber? On May 23rd, you can go to and sign up, then download the app on your Smart TV, streaming device, computer, gaming console, phone, or tablet.

Will my HBO Max login information work on Max?

Good news: When you open the Max app, your HBO Max username and password will work—there’s no need to set up a new account.

Will my watchlist still appear in Max?

If you’ve been saving HBO shows and movies to your HBO Max watchlist (My List), waiting for the perfect occasion to stream them, your watch history and My List will transfer over to Max. That means you can pick up right where you left off. 

Visit the HBO Max Help Center to learn more about your settings transferring to Max.

How do I access HBO content in Max?

You’ll have no trouble finding HBO shows, movies, and specials in the app. When you’re ready to watch, there are a few ways to explore your options:

Visit the HBO section

Within Max, you’ll be able to navigate directly to HBO shows by clicking on the HBO logo in the navigation. There, you’ll find everything from Game of Thrones to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Add HBO content to your watchlist

If you want specific HBO series and films to be easy to find each time you open Max, add them to your watchlist. That way, if, for example, you watch Veep every night before bed, it’ll be ready and waiting for you when you sign in.

Does Max come with the HBO channel? 

With Max, you’ll have access to all HBO streaming content. HBO will remain a stand-alone brand and service with award-winning series and movies. There are no plans to change HBO channels or HBO on Demand. To get an idea of just how much you’d gain by subscribing, take a look at our current TV schedule.

To learn more about Max, head to this all-in-one guide.

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