HBO vs. HBO Max vs. Max


This year, HBO Max is becoming an enhanced streaming service: Max. But what are the differences between Max and HBO Max? Read on to learn more.

What’s the difference between Max and HBO Max?

On May 23rd, HBO Max is becoming Max. Max will be the streaming home of HBO; plus, there will be an even deeper library of shows to stream, including new-to-you reality, lifestyle, food, and true crime series. Think of Max as the one to watch for a wide-ranging, entertainment-filled collection of movies, shows, and specials.

Will all of HBO be available on Max?

Max will include HBO programming. It’ll be your spot to stream the shows and films everyone’s talking about, from groundbreaking series and documentaries to the biggest blockbusters. Stream the latest episode of Succession, catch up on all five seasons of The Wire, or settle in for an Oscar-nominated movie night with The Revenant or All That Breathes. Of course, your options certainly don’t stop there.

Are HBO and Max the Same?

HBO is a television network that’s delivered decades of groundbreaking original series, gripping documentaries, and award-winning films. Max, on the other hand, is the HBO Max enhanced streaming service where you’ll be able to stream all HBO Max content, including HBO, together with new shows across reality, food, lifestyle, true crime, and more. You can also watch our traditional HBO television channels (see what’s airing today here) and use HBO on Demand for all your entertainment needs. For more details on these ways of watching, contact your subscription provider.

To learn more about Max, head to the all-in-one guide.

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