Start from the beginning: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
A Parents? Guide to Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Wondering whether the series is a good fit for your kids? Here are four things to know about the franchise.

Viewing Ages Change From Film to Film

The films range from PG rated to PG-13, maturing along with its characters. A 7-year-old could easily get into Sorcerer?s Stone, while Goblet of Fire and beyond may be for slightly older kids.

Expect Some Dark Content

There?s magic, of course. But there are also scary images, and moments of high intensity, emotion and some violence. Romance comes into play too, but only in a high-school-kissing way.

Harry and His Friends Are Good Role Models

While the core trio do get into scrapes, overall, the stories emphasize bravery, kindness and working together. Plus, Hermione is a wonderful character for bookish girls to see on screen.

You Can Watch It Together

The Harry Potter movies have plenty to offer adults too. So while it?s not required, this is a series you can really sit down and enjoy with the whole family.

A Guide to Magic

With all eight Harry Potter movies available to stream on HBO, now's the time to put on your wizarding hat.

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