Wonder Woman

Based on the iconic series from DC Comics, Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, follows Diana (Gadot), a warrior in training, as she fights for the innocent in a world outside her own. The film also stars Chris Pine and Robin Wright.


See Gal Gadot and Chris Pine Relive a Scene

The Wonder Woman co-stars screen and discuss a heart-pounding moment from the epic film. See what they have to say.

?In fierceness and sheer badass fighting prowess, Wonder Woman is a match for the other heroes in her franchise. But in courage and certainty, she tops all of them.?

? The Verge

Wonder Woman Ruled More Than the Box Office

The movie's direction, casting and cultural significance earned critical praise and recognition on several Best Of lists.

?Smashes the stratosphere of status quo by giving the world what it needs most ? a heroine whose heart beats with strength, hope and the power of love.?

?Gestures knowingly but reverently back to the jaunty, truth-and-justice spirit of an even older Hollywood tradition.?

?Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins reinvigorated a genre that, too often, feels formulaic and on the verge of running out of juice.?

?Patty Jenkins favors character over conflict, an approach that yields precisely the happy results one might have anticipated.?

?After years of female superheroes never getting their due on the big screen, scores of fans showed up to see one lasso the bad guys and save the world ? hero shot and all.?

?In a time when the public discourse is fraught and full of misinformation and hatred, watching Wonder Woman fight so hard and so earnestly for love is a profound experience.?

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