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Chelsea Zerfas

Chelsea Zerfas is from Portland, MI. She attends Portland High School where she is a Junior. She goes to Red Cedar Gymnastics where she continues to do the sport that she loves dearly.

What has been integral to your personal healing?

I feel like a big part that has kept me whole is my support system. Whether its my family, close friends, people in the gym, at school, or at church. Having the support system I do has helped me through all the rough times where I wasn't even sure what to do or it I was enough. Having people in my life who are positive and uplifting for sure has had a big impact on my personal growth.

How has seeing the support of the other survivors affected you?

The amount of support I have gotten from these girls is truly amazing. When I first was dealing with coming out with what happened to me, I felt lost and lonely. But little did I know there was a strong group of women who would support me along the journey. I am blessed to have their support through it all. Seeing the support from all of the supporters has helped me feel strong and hopeful.

What do you hope viewers take away from the film?

I really hope that this film opens up peoples’ eyes and shows that this can happen to anyone and does affect people. That this is a serious matter. Not only the seriousness of the subject, but also knowing that nobody is alone. That hopefully this will help others with rough situations see that there is hope. Coming forward about things like this can be really tough. It's such a sensitive subject. But once you find your voice you'll look behind you to see that you're not alone and will have someone to help you along the way. I hope people are able to find strength and empowerment from the film.