**** the Pain Away
True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 5

**** the Pain Away

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Directed by Michael Ruscio
Written by Angela Robinson

Mid-hookup, Sookie threatens Warlow with her "vampire killin' ball of light." Warlow confesses that he loves her and reveals the real reason he killed her parents - they were trying to kill her.

Jessica, high on faerie blood after eating Andy's daughters, can't decide if she's a monster or if she's horny - and even makes a pass at Bill who pushes her away. He's struck by a vision of Lilith turning Warlow vampire, and orders Jessica to her room while he goes in search of "his" progeny.

Meanwhile, Sookie uses her light on Warlow, but the minor burn she inflicts heals instantly. Sookie tells off Warlow - "Get it through your head - I'm not yours or anybody's" when Bill walks in. But he's not there to save Sookie - as his maker, he commands Warlow to come with him.

Tara finds Eric to tell him the LAVTF captured Pam. To save her, Eric and Tara break curfew and allow themselves to be captured by the vamp cops.

Sarah Newlin and Governor Burrell argue about their relationship as he prepares to escort his daughter, Willa, to the vampire internment camp. Sarah wants him to forget Willa; she'll have his baby if he'll marry her first, but Burrell won't hear of it.

Bill brings Warlow to Takahashi's makeshift lab and stabs in him the neck with a syringe, stealing his potentially life-saving faerie-vampire blood. As Bill taps his precious resource, Warlow flashes back to Lilith turning him in 3500 B.C. "You made me into something I despise."

Jason arrives home and finds Sarah Newlin waiting for him, on the premise of "saving his soul." Though confident in the state of his soul, Jason, hoping to banish his homoerotic dreams of Ben, likes the sound of Sarah's reasoning: "I truly believe God wants me to f*** you."

Andy discovers the remains of his faerie daughters in the foyer of the Compton place as Jessica, wracked with guilt, hides from him. Among the carnage, one girl clings to life and Andy rushes her back to the station to get some life-saving "V" in her. Later, he tells Holly what his one surviving daughter revealed: it was Jessica - not Bill - who killed her sisters.

Not knowing where else to go, a distraught Jessica shows up at Jason's, begging to know if and why Jason loved her. Unfortunately, their heart-to-heart is interrupted by a seething Sarah Newlin. She calls Jessica a "demon whore" and rescinds her invitation to Jason's house. Jessica is whisked out the door and into the arms of the waiting LAVTF. Sarah storms out, livid with Jason for defiling her body with his "vampire-loving pecker."

Once at camp, Eric finds himself the subject of bizarre experiments - but not Pam. Pam, meanwhile, is forced to talk to a "psychiatrist" who threatens her into cooperation with guns and a reward of a female "donor" to feed on for every insight she can provide about vampires. When asked about the value she places on vampire life, Pam explains she never feels remorse for killing another vampire and claims she'd feel nothing if her maker were killed.

Sookie asks Lafayette to use his powers as a medium to contact her parents - she needs to know if Warlow is telling her the truth about their intentions that fateful night.

At Merlotte's, Terry meets with Justin, a former Marine. He asks Justin to kill him, goading him into it by revealing he killed Patrick just days earlier. Justin agrees to do it - free of charge.

Sookie and Lafayette sit down to channel her parents and before long, Lafayette has a vision of the Stackhouse kitchen the night Sookie's parents died. Warlow came to explain their daughter was his destiny - that he was a prince and she'd be his princess - and once Sookie came of age he would return to make her vampire. Corbett and Michelle planned to kill Sookie to keep her "safe."

Seeing an opportunity to finish what he started, Corbett's spirit invades Lafayette. Lafayette-Corbett binds up Sookie, throws her in the back of his car, and drives to a nearby lake to drown her.

Back in the lab, Warlow tells Billith that he hates what she turned him into, and blames her for his massacre of his village and family. Warlow tells him that he never believed Lilith's prophecy, dismissing them as "rantings of a lunatic." He killed his maker once and he plans to do it again.

At camp, a calmer Sarah presents Governor Burrell with a surprise - Eric Northman in captivity. With help from Steve Newlin, they've learned Eric's connection to Pam, and the two of them are placed in a chamber, each armed with a stake. They're expected to fight - to the death.