You're No Good
True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 3

You're No Good

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Directed by Howard Deutch
Written by
Mark Hudis

Having glamoured his way into Willa Burrell's bedroom, Eric reveals his plans to kill her, avenging her father's anti-vampire policies. "Know that you're about to die for your father's sins, and not your own." When he breaks their gaze, Willa tells him that killing her won't stop her father, but she knows things about experiments her father's performing.

At the Compton place, Bill reveals to Jessica his vision of vampires burning in the sun included her, and he must do as Lilith says and figure out how to stop it. "I don't know why, or how, or when, but I saw it - you, Eric, Pam, Tara."

Niall and Jason keep watch at Sookie's, looking out for Warlow. Jason, struggling with a debilitating headache, goes to the kitchen in search of painkillers. Suddenly, Niall senses a vampire lurking outside, and believing it to be Warlow, hurries out to find him. Hearing the commotion, Sookie looks outside just in time to see Jason collapse on the lawn, and rushes to his side. Niall abandons pursuit of the mysterious vampire to get Sookie back inside where she's safe.

Eric brings Willa to Fangtasia, to the chagrin of both Pam and Tara, though they differ on how to handle the situation. Pam wants to kill her, but Tara would rather glamour her and send her back. Eric won't hear of it, however - she's the only collateral they have. He orders them to pack up whatever they feel nostalgic about before they leave Fangtasia - for good. Willa reveals to Eric that her father has been using taxpayer money to build a vampire camp - part prison, part research facility - where scientists conduct experiments on vampires. "It's, sick, sick, sick shit!"

Bill prepares to meet the sun, despite Jessica's desperate pleas otherwise. He believes Lilith showed him that he was impervious to daylight, as they met in the noonday sun in his visions. Unfortunately, he's wrong - and he's forced to run back into the house, engulfed in flames.

Eric arrives at Ginger's house - he's "finally decided to take her up on her offer of a sleepover." She invites him in, unaware that Willa, Pam, and Tara are in tow and also need an invitation. Disappointed, she asks, "Does this mean we're not f*****'?"

Niall visits the Faerie Club to round up a Warlow-fighting fae army, only to find it completely destroyed. The lone survivor, Claude, reveals an extremely powerful vampire got in. He asks Niall for the ultimate kindness - taking his light so he can die.

Cops drop by Martha's cabin, looking for Emma. When they search inside, they find only Emma-pup. Once they leave, an angry Rikki turns on Alcide for kidnapping Emma: "All you did was bring trouble into this pack. Trouble we don't need!" She fears it's only a matter of time before Weres are discovered and they'll be persecuted like the vampires.

Niall meets Ben outside of the faerie club, and the duo learns they share a common enemy in Warlow and desire to protect Sookie. Niall invites him back to the Stackhouse place to join the hunt for vampire enemy number one.

Bill tells Jessica of a new plan to save vampires: he wants to kidnap Professor Takahashi, a professor at the University of North Louisiana. Takahashi is credited with synthesizing blood to create TruBlood and Bill hopes he can do the same with faerie blood. Jessica insists she help Bill with his crusade, and goes on a mission to capture Takahashi after a lecture, taking advantage of his weakness for attractive, young coeds.

Inside Burrell's vampire prison camp, a recently captured Steve Newlin is interrogated by his bitter, former wife, Sarah. She reveals the camp is God's solution for saving humankind - here, they'll eradicate the entire vampire race. She turns him over to the sinister Dr. Overlark, who threatens torture if Steve won't spill the beans on Eric Northman. Ever the turncoat, Steve quickly acquiesces.

Bill forces his way into Sookie's home using his new special powers and demands she give him her blood to save vampirekind. She refuses to help him, despite his threats to take it from her unwillingly if he must. "You're not God, Bill, you're just an asshole!"

Nicole and the VUSers go to the Were compound, but are caught recording them in secret. Against Alcide's orders, Rikki launches a full-on deadly attack against the VUSers. Amid the chaos, Sam rescues Emma from Martha's cabin. As they escape, Sam spots Nicole hobbling into the woods, having been bitten by a werewolf.

Eric takes a call from Governor Burrell and confirms that he hasn't killed Willa...yet. In the next room, Tara overhears Eric's threats to kill Willa and runs off with her. When he and Pam discover they're missing, they fly into the night to find them.

Niall brings Ben to Sookie's, and tells them about the destruction of the faerie club. He also shows them a small vial of blood - Warlow's blood - that glows under his light. Again, Niall senses a vampire outside, and he and Ben spring into action, only for Niall to blast down Nora. Suddenly, Sookie screams for help - Jason's collapsed again. Ben rushes back to her side, letting Nora escape before Niall can learn how she knows about Warlow.