True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 10


TV-MA | 53 MIN

Directed by Scott Winant
Written by Kate Barnow

After Terry's funeral, Alcide and Sookie take a walk together and have a heart-to-heart about life and death. Alcide surprises Sookie with his wisdom and insight - not too many people "sneak up" on her like that. He tells her he wishes he could get inside her head. They stumble upon the jubilant vampires celebrating outside the Compton place, high on Warlow's blood.

Sookie finds Violet feeding on Jason. Violet, who's jealous until she learns Sookie is Jason's sister, leaves to let the siblings catch up. Jason tells Sookie that thanks to Violet, he understands how she once felt about Bill. She warns him about trusting someone to be there forever. Amid the revelry, Pam reveals to Tara that she's going after Eric.

Sookie returns to Warlow in Cemefaerie and finds him constructing a marital maypole. She admits that a lot has changed in the last four hours and asks if they can date in the real world now that the stakes aren't as high. Unfortunately, Warlow's been waiting several millenniums for his bride and his patience has worn out. He ties her to the maypole and confirms her worst fears - he does just "want to f*** her and own her and use her for her f***ing blood."

A despondent Bill realizes his powers are gone and that Lilith's blood came at a price. He reveals to Jessica that he sacrificed Sookie to Warlow. As his advisor, she insists Bill save his beloved. After turning to Jason for help, the group realizes it needs Adilyn and her light to get to Sookie. Andy refuses to let her, but after hearing Sookie is in danger, Adilyn insists she save the only other person like her in Bon Temps.

Jason, Andy, Violet, Bill, and Adilyn assemble in the cemetery. Adilyn can hear Sookie's thought-cries for help, but is too young to know how to access her light. Bill explains that fear is a catalyst, so Violet pitches in by terrorizing her.

Once inside, Bill fights Warlow off of Sookie while Violet cuts her down from the maypole. The gang rushes to get the dying Sookie out of Cemefaerie; Bill orders everyone to leave without him, even if it means death. Luckily, Bill escapes by clinging to Warlow, who has fired up his own ball of light in pursuit.

At the Stackhouse place, Violet revives Sookie with her blood before Warlow locks everyone in Eric's old cubby. Bill attempts to go after him, but he can no longer pass the threshold without an invitation. Warlow corners Sookie in the bathroom, but just as she's about to meet her maker, Niall breaks through the portal and grabs ahold of him. Jason, released from the cubby, drives a stake into Warlow's chest.

As Warlow dies, every vampire who's had his blood feels his light die inside them. Unfortunately for Eric, he finds himself on top of a snowy mountain in Sweden - where it's daytime. With nowhere to hide, he bursts into flames.

Six months later, life in Bon Temps has changed. Sookie, now dating Alcide, watches Bill promote his new book, "And God Bled," on Lawrence O'Donnell. Bill explains that the Yokonomo Corporation, which owned Tru-Blood, went belly-up after the scandal and no other companies plan to make a blood substitute, as no vampires would trust it. A Hep-V outbreak now rages through the vampire population.

The next morning, a crowd gathers at the Good Faith Baptist church to have their blood taken and hear how the authorities plan to defend against the rabid vampires. After the reverends warm up the crowd, Sam, Bon Temps' new mayor, takes the podium. He reveals the purpose of the blood tests: Every uninfected human is being asked to pair with a healthy vampire for a monogamous feeding relationship. In exchange, the vampire will provide protection.

At a barbeque social at Bellefleur's (Merlotte's, as rebranded by new owner Arlene), humans pick up their test results and mingle with available vampires. Lettie-Mae approaches Tara and apologizes for being a terrible mother. To make amends, Lettie-Mae offers herself to Tara: "Let Momma feed you."

As Alcide and Sookie leave (without vampire partners), they're approached by Bill. He offers his protection to Sookie, but she refuses to trust him again. Before they can discuss it any further, both Bill and Alcide smell something familiar - a horde of crazed, Hep-V infected vampires is descending upon them.