Who Are You, Really?
True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 1

Who Are You, Really?

TV-MA | 52 MIN

Directed by Stephen Moyer
Written by
Raelle Tucker

Eric and Sookie escape Authority HQ with an enraged Billith on their tail, killing guards and destroying the control room, plunging HQ into darkness. Nora leads Jason, Jessica, Pam, and Tara out of the Authority right before it explodes from a ruptured gas line. Meanwhile, Sam drags a dying Luna out of the Authority. With her last words, she makes him promise to take care of her daughter: "She belongs with you." He and Emma escape into the night.

Sookie and Eric pull up in an Authority SUV. The gang thinks Bill is dead, but as they speed away they see his naked, bloody form walk out of the flames unscathed. Jessica turns to Sookie: "Is it Bill?" Sookie tells her, "Not anymore."

Truman Burrell, the Louisiana Governor, calls a press conference to institute a statewide vampire curfew forcing vampires to stay indoors or underground after sundown. He urges humans to buy guns and as many wooden bullets as they can: "This is still America - you have the right to defend yourselves and the people you love!" A protestor hurls a balloon filled with blood at him.

Pam learns that Nora is Eric's sister - and is enraged that he's withheld information from her - yet again. Matters are made worse when he blows her off, much more concerned with the war that's just been declared on vampires than the feelings of his progeny. "Get over it and get off my back, or get out of my face!" Sookie and Jessica comfort one another in the wake of their shared loss of Bill.

Nora glamours Jason to tell her what he knows about Warlow, but Eric catches them and the spell breaks. Jason turns his gun on Nora, demanding to know where Warlow is. She admits she knows very little about him - only that according to the Book of Lilith, he's Lilith's progeny and the first of vampire-kind. Sookie intervenes, placing herself between Nora and Jason's gun - "If you shoot Eric's sister, the bullet's going through me first." Jason snarls, "Far as I'm concerned, you're as dead to me as they are" before storming off.

Jessica quickly discovers she's not out from under Bill's control yet - he's summoned her and the pull is much, much, stronger than before. When Eric tries to stop her, she vomits blood and her heart moves around visibly in her chest. Sookie decides to accompany Jessica - alone, while Eric sends Pam and Tara away, and disappears with Nora into the night.

In order to become pack master, Alcide eats some of J.D.'s corpse. A she-wolf, Danielle, offers to serve him in "any way" she can, while a concerned Martha and Rikki watch from the sidelines. Andy seeks parental advice from Terry and Arlene, completely overwhelmed by his new responsibilities as a father of four faerie daughters. Later, they discover the girls have aged three years overnight, shocking them all.

Sookie and Jessica arrive at the Compton place to find Bill looking much like his old self. He insists he only wants to talk. Eric and Nora fly to their aid and Bill easily swats Nora away and grabs Eric by his neck, prompting Sookie to stake Bill. He drops Eric, but pulls the stake from his chest, completely unharmed.

Bill explains that he's different and has been chosen to lead vampires, but not as he and Salome originally thought. "I brought you here tonight so you could see for yourselves. I am no monster. I do not wish any of you harm, but if you force me to defend myself again, you will be sorry." Sookie demands he leave Bon Temps if he really means no harm, but Jessica refuses to leave him - ordering everyone - including Sookie, off their property. Later, Bill reveals to Jess one of his new powers - telekinesis - and asks for her help using his new abilities for good.

Tara and Pam return to Fangtasia and fight about Pam's attachment to Eric. Pam tells Tara she can't replace Eric and she never will. Suddenly, Louisiana Anti-Vampire Task Force officers burst into the bar, under the governor's orders to shut down all vampire-run businesses. When Tara threatens an officer, he shoots her with a special anti-vampire bullet.

Eric brings Sookie to her house and thanks her for saving his life. In return, he draws up a blood-on-vellum contract giving the house back to Sookie to protect her from Bill and other vampires. Not unkindly, she rescinds Eric's invitation to her house, hoping to be "that girl in the white dress" again.

Jason hitches a ride back to Bon Temps with a spooky older man and he passes the time by telling him about his family. Without Jason having said it, the older man knows Sookie's name, and asks Jason how he thinks he can stop Warlow. Thinking the man is Warlow, Jason shoots him, but he disappears as the car careens toward a tree. Back at the Compton place, three mystical blood-soaked women appear to Bill, calling his name.