Dead Meat
True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 8

Dead Meat

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Directed by Michael Lehmann
Written by Robin Veith

Bill returns to Eric-without Warlow-still seeking his help despite Nora's death. "My sister's blood is still warm on my chest, and you're asking me to go fight your holy war?" His faith shaken, Eric taunts Bill for his inability to get Warlow from Sookie and a fight ensues. Bill throws him out, but Eric tells him, "I'm already gone."

Feeling that he's betrayed their pack, Rikki challenges Alcide as packmaster, believing he doesn't have "the balls to finish her off." Alcide easily fights her into submission, but steps away before he kills her, saying, "F*** this pack."

At vamp camp, Violet explains to Jason that she grew up with real, medieval Catholicism, and as a result, feeds monogamously: "I believe in God and the sanctity of our union, so if I say you're mine, you're mine. Forever."

Sookie returns to Warlow in Cemefaerie to tell him about Bill's daytime visit. She asks him to help Bill save her vampire friends and he agrees, but on one condition: she must agree to be his faerie-vampire bride. Sookie leaves, telling him, "I'm gonna need some time to think about this." Unbeknownst to her, Eric spies on her return, and tries in vain to get in.

A guard catches James and Jessica and returns them to Gen Pop in time for the first tainted Tru-Blood dispensing. Tara, Pam, Willa and Jessica join the queue to be inconspicuous, but don't drink.

Sam goes through Terry's belongings in his cubby at Merlotte's. When he steps outside, he finds Alcide on his trailer's steps - he's returned Nicole and her mom. After he gets the women settled, Sam returns to the bar to have a drink with Alcide. They've both smelled that Nicole is pregnant, and Sam's pretty sure it's his.

At the Bellefleurs', Lafayette tells Arlene about Terry's life insurance policy. Realizing it was suicide, Arlene becomes hysterical. Adylin listens in on her thoughts and learns that Arlene partially blames her and her sisters for taunting Terry and runs from the table, distraught.

Sookie confirms with Bill he has no plans to kill Warlow, but when she tries to discuss Warlow's ultimatum, Bill grows impatient. "It only seems fair - he'd be doing us an awfully large favor."

At vamp camp, a worker tells Sarah that somef of the vampires aren't drinking the Tru-Blood. When she learns that Steve is among them, she threatens torture; however, Steve immediately caves and reveals he learned about the Hep-V from James.

Sookie drops in at Merlotte's to speak with Sam. Back in his office, she tells him how she can get rid of her life and be normal, and that she always thought they'd wind up together. Sam coolly tells Sookie her timing couldn't be worse - Nicole is pregnant. He also reminds her she's always known how he's felt about her but she was too busy chasing after bad boys.

Later, Sookie goes to her parents' graves to tell them they can literally go to hell. She's decided to become Warlow's vampire bride: "I'd rather walk the Earth as a corpse than spend another minute thinking about you."

Tru-Blood bigwig Ms. Suzuki arrives at vamp camp demanding to see Burrell. She storms through the facility, kneeing her way past Sarah Newlin into the secondary bottling plant and discovers the contaminated Tru-Blood. Horrified, Suzuki tries to call the FDA but is stopped by Sarah who attempts to break her neck. An all-out brawl ensues until Sarah finally kills Suzuki, bludgeoning the woman to death and giving a new meaning to "killer high heels."

Holly's sons, armed with a bottle of liquor, sneak Adylin out to blow off some steam. Eric finds the threesome drunk in the cemetery and seizes the opportunity to gain access to Warlow. He glamours the boys and then catches Adlyin and drinks some of her blood, leaving her alive, but scared.

At vamp camp, Morris overhears an argument between Pam and Violet and learns that they're not drinking their Tru-Blood rations either. Pam, Tara, Willa, Violet, and Jessica are brought into a white room already occupied by Steve and James. Taking in her surroundings, Jessica realizes they're in the room in Bill's horrific vision.

Sookie takes Bill into Cemefaerie to get Warlow, but they discover that someone found him first; he's unconscious and savagely bitten. Distraught, Sookie turns to Bill who has only one word for her: "Eric."