In the Evening
True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 7

In the Evening

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Directed by Scott Winant
Written by Kate Barnow

Eric reveals to Nora and Willa that Tru-Blood is secretly being contaminated with Hep V and it's going out to store shelves and Gen Pop. Carrying a dying Nora, Eric rushes after a cart filled with Tru-Blood heading for a truck. They cling to its underbelly and make their escape. Meanwhile, Willa relays the bad news to Pam and they agree to also warn Tara and Jessica about the bad blood but no one else. Pam worries "if every vampire stops feedin', those pervy f**** will know we're on to them."

Eric brings Nora to Bill and implores him to save her-somehow. He wants Bill to give her his blood, despite Nora's protests: "It's Lilith's blood-I won't drink it. I'd rather die than have Lilith's blood." Bill refuses to go against Nora's wishes, knowing it won't work anyway.

Sarah arrives at the Governor's mansion to find him-in pieces. She assures his disembodied head that his "death was not in vain. For it will galvanize the forces against this evil we fight." Sarah calls in Senator Finch to tell him that she won't be letting the Lieutenant Governor, "with his folksy bullshit, step one foot near" Burrell's office. They're so close to realizing Burrell's vision that no one can know he's dead. She'll deal with "all matters vampire" until the contaminated Tru-Blood wipes out the vampire population, which she assures him won't take very long.

In Cemefaerie, a post-coital Warlow believes Sookie to be "amenable" to his marriage proposal since she had sex with him. He insists that their union wasn't just sex or a simple infatuation, but an exasperated Sookie acknowledges: "No, it never is." Suddenly, she overhears Arlene sobbing at Terry's plot in the Bon Temps cemetery. Sookie insists she go to her, promising to come back for Warlow as soon she can.

Sam calls Lafayette and learns that Terry is dead. Distraught, Sam makes Nicole call her mother to come take her home. He explains that he's heading back to Bon Temps despite it being dangerous, because "not being there is not an option." As Sam prepares to leave, Nicole joins him in the shower and they make love.

After bringing Arlene home, Sookie goes with Lafayette to the bank to see what Terry left in his security deposit box. They discover a life insurance policy worth two million dollars-issued just days earlier-and they realize Terry had himself killed.

At camp, Jason has a guard bring him Jessica and he reveals his plans to get her out. "I want to do right by you." Still plagued by guilt at having killed Andy's daughters, she refuses his help, believing she deserves to die. But she does have one favor to ask-she wants Jason to bring her James, the vampire who refused to rape her, so she can thank him.

Eric finally convinces Bill to give some of his blood to Nora-"I believe you. I believe IN you. I believe you are divine." Bill agrees on the condition that Eric helps him find Warlow, whose blood will save vampirekind. However, despite Bill's intervention, Nora continues to decline.

Jessica asks Jason to leave her and James alone while they talk. Afterwards, Jessica asks James if he'll have sex with her. She knows they're all going to die soon because of the contaminated Tru-Blood and her final wish is to have sex with another vampire.

Sookie and Lafayette return to the Bellefleur mansion, but agree to wait to tell Arlene about the insurance policy. They're joined shortly after by Bill, who shocks everyone with his day-walking ability. He asks Sookie to give up Warlow and warns her that if she refuses him again, the blood of their vampire friends will be on both their hands.

In order to return to Gen Pop, Pam agrees to have sex with Dr. Finn in exchange for her release. Meanwhile, Sarah confronts Jason and reveals that Burrell's dead-meaning his leverage on her is gone. She has a guard cut out the security chip in his arm and has him thrown, bleeding, into female Gen Pop. Tara does her best to protect him, but Violet-very much the alpha-female vampire of the group-lays claim to him first.

Alcide returns to the Were compound and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead. However, Rikki reveals that she knows the truth-and has Nicole and her mother, bound and gagged, brought out as proof.

At Nora's bedside, Eric calls on Godric. "I beg of you Godric, please, can you give her one more chance like you've done before?" Hearing this, Nora reminds Eric that he was the one that gave her a second chance. They recall how they first met, flashing back to 1665 England, where she was dying from the plague. He promised her that she would live "fully and forever" after he brought her to his father for healing.

At the Compton Place, Nora says her goodbyes while Eric weeps, angry at having promised her forever and unable to give it to her. Nora reminds him, "I only ever asked to live fully-you gave me that." Finally, she succumbs to the Hep V, dissolving into goo in her sobbing brother's arms.