The Sun
True Blood | Season 6 | Episode 2

The Sun

TV-MA | 51 MIN

Directed by Dan Attias
Written by Angela Robinson

On the bridge where Michelle and Corbett Stackhouse died, Warlow breaks through the portal. In the Stackhouse place, Sookie tosses and turns while the blood-on-vellum contract glows on the night table beside her bed.

The strange man that picked up Jason appears in front of his unmanned car and blasts it with light, saving Jason from crashing into a tree. Jason emerges from the car, his gun pointed at the man he believes to be Warlow. Very calmly, the man tells him he's not Warlow: "I'm your f*****' faerie grandfather." He proves himself by recalling important events in Jason's childhood, as well as the "juicy porn" Jason kept under his bed.

Nora and Eric arrive at Fangtasia to find Pam comforting Tara who's not healing after being shot by the LAVTF. Using a broken beer bottle, Eric extracts a silver bullet from her gut that also emits UV light. Pam and Nora fight over whether or not they should be afraid of humans now, but it's Eric who delivers the final verdict: "If the humans want war, we'll give them war."

At the Compton place, Jessica wakes to find Bill in a frenzy - he's plagued by visions of vampires being tortured by humans - and he can feel their pain. Suddenly, Bill collapses into a catatonic state. Unbeknownst to Jessica, he's escorted to Lilith by her three "blood sirens", who came to him in his study earlier. Lilith tells him, "It is beginning. Events have been set in motion." She wants him to finish her work, but won't explain how.

On her way to work, Sookie spots an injured man in a ditch. She tries to ignore him but her conscience gets the better of her. The man explains telepathically that a vampire attacked him after smelling his blood. Sookie learns he's a halfling just like her and she takes him home to clean him up.

A young woman, Nicole Wright, shows up at Merlotte's and approaches Sam - she knows what he is. Nicole explains she's the co-founder of the Vampire Unity Society, and she wants Sam to share his story with the world in order to save vampires and other supes. He refuses.

Sookie cleans the man's wounds and discovers that literal sparks fly when their hands touch. As he goes to leave, he reveals his name is Ben. Somewhat charmed by this handsome stranger, Sookie offers to take him to the faerie club where he'll be safe. Later, Jason brings Niall to Sookie's house and shows him the portal in the bathroom where Warlow tried to break through. Niall enters the portal and returns moments later with grim news: "It's worse than I thought."

Sookie walks Ben to the faerie club and he asks if he can take her out sometime to repay her kindness. Gently, she turns him down - she's not in the best place to start something romantic. Reading her thoughts, Ben asks who Bill is. Disconcerted, Sookie rushes off, apologizing: "It's not you. I just shouldn't be taking walks with handsome strangers. It never ends well."

Eric arrives at Governor Burrell's mansion, disguised as his 5:30 appointment, a man from the Wildlife Department. Shortly after, he reveals himself as vampire and glamours Burrell, telling him to rescind his anti-vampire legislation. Burrell surprises him by calling in his guards - he's wearing newly invented anti-glamouring contacts. He orders his guards to take Eric "to camp," but Eric takes flight and escapes.

Sookie returns home to find Jason waiting for her. She meets Niall, who tells her Warlow's broken through to their dimension, and that he's been obsessed with their family for thousands of years. Niall explains their family is of a royal bloodline; they're the original fae. He's also the king of their tribe, making Sookie a faerie princess. Warlow killed Niall's entire family when Niall was only three or four, and he's been tracking Warlow ever since, seeking revenge.

Niall shows Sookie how she can defeat Warlow - by channeling all of her light into a single ball that will "go super-nova, killing any vampire it touches." However, Sookie can only do this once - afterwards, she'll be fae no longer.

Sam returns home to Lafayette, who's been babysitting Emma. Alcide shows up with Rikki and Martha to return Emma to her pack, but Sam refuses. Emma, drawn out by the commotion, is snatched up by Martha. Sam and Lafayette try to take her back, but are stopped by Alcide's fist.

While Jessica prays to a vegetative Bill, the TV switches on to a newscast about human-on-vampire violence - matching Bill's earlier visions and snapping him out of his state. As Jessica realizes Bill can see the future, he has another vision - this time of Eric, Nora, Pam, Tara and Jessica burning to death in a white room.