Cold Grey Light of Dawn
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 7

Cold Grey Light of Dawn

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Directed by Michael Ruscio
Written by
Alexander Woo

With Luis still under Antonia's spell, the witch inhabiting Marnie uses him to lure Katerina into the cell. He has Katerina clear a secure path for Marnie's (Antonia's) escape and then strangles the young woman. Marnie (Antonia) sends Luis to Bill's study, where he announces the return of Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, then shoots his king. After a brief scuffle, Luis whispers "resurrección," and stakes himself.

Pam, released by Bill but still rotting under the spell, attacks Tara and Naomi outside Merlotte's. As she prepares to kill Tara, a crowd gathers around with camera-phones in hand, eager to capture the "zombie vampire" on video, which forces her to flee. Naomi insists that Toni-she refuses to call her Tara-come back with her to New Orleans, but is turned down.

With Jesus recovered from the snake bite and laying in Lafayette's arms, Don Bartolo unlocks the door. Jesus berates his grandfather for putting them through the unnecessary trouble and almost killing him. Bartolo counters that he had to do it in order for Lafayette to recognize himself as a medium.

Out in the woods, Debbie and Alcide are initiated into Marcus' pack. Alcide is worried about Sookie, so Debbie relents and goes to look for her. When they do find Sookie, she's still writhing naked with Eric in the grass. Sookie and Eric move inside, where they continue to have sex on the floor of her house, on the couch, and on her bed. Perfectly content with their present, they begin to consider the uncertain future.

With the threat Antonia poses growing clear, Bill summons his sheriffs. He commands them and all the vampires in their areas to go to ground in silver, so Antonia can't draw them into the sunlight. They're not happy about it but agree to obey their king. Bill's guards put him and Jessica under chains in a locked cell. After administering shots from Doctor Ludwig to help with the rot on Pam's face, Ginger locks her in the coffin. Sookie lies next to Eric as he silvers himself on the bed.

Sam picks up his brother Tommy from the hospital. He'd been exhibiting strange symptoms but seems fine now. Sam then pays a visit to Luna who flips out on him, still thinking it was Sam - not Tommy in Sam's body - who slept with her and kicked her out of the house the night before. Slowly, they piece together what happened, and Sam returns home, furious. He kicks Tommy out of his house saying, "I wish I could forget everything about you."

At Merlotte's, Andy has an awkward date with Holly. Unable to control his cravings for V, he storms out. Meanwhile, Lafayette plays with Mikey and notices a young black woman singing a Creole lullaby to the baby. He calls out to her, but she disappears-it's as if nobody else saw her.

Antonia greets Tara on the side of the road and explains that she's inhabited Marnie's body. Marnie (Antonia) appeals to the shared misery they've suffered at the hands of vampires and recruits Tara to her cause. Tara does some recruiting of her own, including Holly, and brings them to the MoonGoddess Emporium. There, the witches chant in a circle, as Marnie (Antonia) rises above them. The spell conjures a whirlwind that makes vampires crave the sun.

Possessed, the vampires struggle to throw off their chains. Ginger keeps Pam in her coffin; Sookie informs Jason what's happening and goes to Eric's side; Beulah Carter, Maxine's neighbor and a closet vampire, leaves her house and combusts into flames; Jessica manages to throw off her chains and open the cell door, as a horrified Bill looks on ... with jealousy.

Jason runs over to Bill's house to stop Jessica from meeting the sun, but he's met by one of Bill's guards. They fight and a gunshot goes off. Jessica opens the front door and a bright white light shines through.