And When I Die
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 12

And When I Die

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Directed by Scott Winant
Written by
Raelle Tucker

Jesus apologizes to Lafayette for rushing him into magic too quickly. Lafayette stares at him blankly, and when Jesus leans in to kiss him, stabs his boyfriend's hand with a fork. Jesus realizes that Lafayette is being inhabited by Marnie's spirit. Lafayette (Marnie) ties Jesus up in the hand chair and demands he give over his brujo magic. When Lafayette (Marnie) threatens to do harm to Lafayette's body, Jesus relents and channels his inner brujo spirit. Lafayette (Marnie) then plunges a knife into his body and licks the blood off the blade.

Sookie goes to Merlotte's, where she finds everyone in costume for Halloween. She asks Sam for her old job back, and he obliges. Alcide arrives to talk to Sookie-he wants her to stop following her heart and be safe with him instead. She turns him down, and Alcide runs off to answer an important work call: The concrete grave that his construction company built for Russell Edgington inside a parking lot has been breached.

Tara enters Lafayette's home and finds Jesus's dead body. She drives to Merlotte's to grab Holly and Sookie, and they head over to Bill's house. There, they find Bill and Eric silvered together atop a pyre, which Lafayette (Marnie) sets aflame. While Bill distracts Lafayette (Marnie), Holly forms a circle in salt between the possessed medium and everyone else. Sookie channels her faerie power, and the brujo spirit inside Lafayette (Marnie) is revealed. Then, Holly, Tara and Sookie join hands and summon their dead family and friends to come to their aid. A gathering of phantasms descends from the Bon Temps cemetery toward the fire. Antonia blows out the flames and tries to talk Lafayette (Marnie) down. Sookie's Gran, Adele Stackhouse, takes matters into her own hands and physically removes the spirit from its host. Marnie and Antonia walk off together as the rest of the phantasms return to their graves.

One of the reawakened spirits has managed to remove himself from the group. Rene sneaks up behind Arlene outside Merlotte's and warns her that Terry is trouble. "I've met the ghosts of his past," he says. "They ain't gonna rest forever." Inside, Terry meets someone else from his past, an army buddy named Patrick Devins, whose life he saved on more than one occasion.

During the day, Jason approaches Hoyt while he's doing road work. After asking Hoyt to put down his chainsaw, Jason admits to having sex with Jessica. When Hoyt asks how he could do it, Jason goes on to describe the different positions they used, until he's interrupted by Hoyt's fist in his face. Later that night, Jessica arrives at Jason's house wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume and little else. They have passionate, primal sex on his couch, but Jessica doesn't want to be his or anyone's girlfriend just yet. She leaves him to go feed on a stranger instead, but there's a knock on the door as soon as she steps out. Jason answers it and is shocked to find the Rev. Steve Newlin staring him in the face, now baring fangs.

At Lafayette's, Tara tries to comfort her cousin, but it's no use. He cries in the dark about murdering the man he loves, until Jesus's spirit shows up. Lafayette wants to apologize, but Jesus tells him not to worry about it. "Dude, I'm dead, you're a medium," he says. "I'll always be with you."

Bill and Eric feed from Sookie to heal from the fire. They thank her for saving their lives, and she responds, "It was my turn." As Sookie stands up, she recognizes that she must finally choose between the two of them. She forgives Bill for lying to her and apologizes for hurting him. She tells Eric that she was in love with both the amnesiac innocent and the devious vampire he was before. But ultimately, her choice is to be with neither of them.

Nan Flanagan arrives at Bill's house with guards in tow. She's been ordered to administer the true death to both Bill and Eric, but knowing the same fate awaits her, she tries to recruit them to join her against the Authority instead. Bill and Eric are skeptical, and when Nan reveals that she knows what Sookie is, Eric instantly kills the guards while Bill stakes her.

Debbie shows up in Sookie's home with a shotgun in hand and says "I should've done this a long time ago." Tara rushes in to save her best friend, and the blast from Debbie's gun hits her in the head. An enraged Sookie takes the gun from Debbie's hands, places it under her attacker's chin and shoots her in the head. Sookie holds Tara's dead, lifeless body in her arms and cries out, "Somebody help!"