She's Not There
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 1

She's Not There

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Directed by Michael Lehmann
Written by
Alexander Woo

Sookie materializes in a grand ballroom full of faeries and humans. She's joined there by Claudine, who reveals herself as Sookie's godmother, and Sookie is offered a glowing "light fruit." Before she eats it, she notices her Granddaddy Earl, who disappeared 20 years earlier. Earl thinks he's been there for only a few hours, and Sookie pieces it all together. They're caught in a trap. The faerie Queen Mab overhears Sookie's thoughts and confronts her. As the other faeries hold her down, Mab tries to make Sookie eat the light fruit. A sudden and powerful flash of light from Sookie's fingers lifts the façade; the light fruits are maggot-infested, the beautiful faeries are hideous creatures, and the grand ballroom is a desolate landscape. Sookie and Earl run from Queen Mab and her bombs of light, and with the assistance of a Claudine's brother Claude, escape through a portal into the Bon Temps cemetery. Earl, who'd tasted the light fruit, is dying. He gives Sookie his watch and disintegrates into the air.

Sookie arrives back at her home, which has undergone major renovations. Jason shows up wearing a police uniform and reveals the truth to Sookie. She's been gone for more than a year. He and everyone else thought she was dead, so he sold the house. To prove to Jason where she was, Sookie gives him their grandfather's watch.

At sundown, Bill and Eric show up at Sookie's home. They bicker until Bill commands Eric to leave. Sherriff Andy Bellefleur arrives as well, demanding to know where Sookie has been. Bill covers for her and says that she's been conducting "vampire business" on his behalf. Sookie thanks Bill for helping her but isn't ready to forgive him yet for lying to her. In the car, Jason confronts Andy about him using V.

Jesus takes Lafayette (who is sporting a mohawk hairdo) to the MoonGoddess Emporium. Inside, a group of Wiccans, including Holly from Merlotte's, sits in a circle on the floor. One of them, an older, gentle woman named Marnie Stonebrook, breaks from her chanting to call Lafayette over. At first, he's skeptical of her abilities. But when Marnie channels the spirit of Eddie, the vampire who used to give his blood to Lafayette, he is officially freaked out.

At Fangtasia, Nan Flanagan shoots a public-service announcement for the American Vampire League. After Pam proves a poor fit, Nan recruits Eric to stand in and deliver a statement for the AVL, reassuring the public in a "post-Russell Edgington world." He's a natural.

Domestic life is tough for Jessica and Hoyt. They quibble over his human need to eat. As he angrily shovels the uncooked eggs she prepared for him into his mouth, she can't help but laugh at him. They go to Fangtasia, and Pam catches her eyeing a fangbanger across the room. She maintains that Hoyt is all the man she needs, but Pam has her doubts.

Since fleeing Bon Temps, Tara - now using the alias "Toni" - has been cage-fighting in New Orleans. Naomi, her opponent in the ring, is also her partner in the bedroom. While they're in bed, Tara receives word from Lafayette that Sookie is back, but decides not to return at Bon Temps.

Sam has joined a support group for shifters as a form of anger management. After shooting Tommy in the leg, he's now paying for his brother's physical therapy - in addition to handing over free meals at Merlotte's. Tommy's moved in with Maxine, who is doing her best to raise him as a good Christian boy.

Jason brings food to the children in Hot Shot. He tells them he's taking care of them until Crystal comes back. One of the boys asks Jason to fix the fridge, and while he's examining it, he's hit from behind and thrown inside. The unknown attacker locks him in.

At Moon Goddess, Marnie mourns the loss of her pet conure. She asks the group, including Jesus and Lafayette, to join her in casting a spell. When Lafayette joins the circle, the group successfully brings the bird back to life - for a moment, at least. Later that night, a group member known to the others as Katie makes her way through a heavily guarded mansion, telling security that the king is expecting her. She takes her seat across from the Vampire King of Louisiana - Bill Compton.

As Sookie prepares for bed, she throws her robe to the floor and doesn't hear it fall. She turns around to see Eric taking her in. When she realizes it's not a dream, she can't understand how he could be in her home after she had rescinded his invitation. He reveals that he bought her house, "because if I own the house, then I would own you." He moves towards her. "Sookie," he says, baring his fangs. "You are mine."