I Wish I Was the Moon
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 6

I Wish I Was the Moon

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Written by
Raelle Tucker

Sookie and Eric kiss urgently and intensely as her dress falls to the floor. They're interrupted by an outraged and fang-baring Bill. Eric and Bill fight one another, and with Eric about to stake her ex-lover, Sookie reveals that Bill is his king. Instantly chastened, Eric submits to Bill's authority. Sookie follows them back to Bill's house, where she pleads for Eric's life, telling Bill, "If you ever loved me, you won't hurt him." Bill tells her to butt out of vampire affairs and has her escorted from the house.

In a cell downstairs, a rotting, depressed Pam tries to remind Eric of the vampire he once was—a powerful, vicious Viking, intimidated by no man, least of all Bill Compton. But he doesn't want to be that vampire any more. Upstairs, Bill reports to Nan that he has Eric and the witch in custody, and seeks permission to impose the true death on his former sheriff.

Terry and Arlene's house catches fire. Arlene desperately searches for her baby Mikey until Terry drags her out of the house, screaming. The fire rages, but despite Arlene's worst fears, Mikey is already outside. He smiles at a young black woman in a 1930s-style dress … but Arlene doesn't see her.

Naomi shows up at Lafayette's to talk to Tara. Tara comes clean about everything—her life with her mother, losing Eggs, getting raped by Franklin. Naomi, still upset, gets up to leave and threatens to kick Tara's ass. She kisses her instead.

Tommy is still broken up about killing his parents. Wearing Sam's clothing, he suddenly shifts into his older brother. At first weirded out, Tommy soon gets comfortable in Sam's skin, and when Sookie comes in to ask for another day off, he fires her on the spot. That night, Luna comes over and unknowingly sleeps with Tommy, who is still skin-walking as Sam. Afterwards, he kicks her out, shifts back into himself and vomits violently. Sam comes home to find him passed out on the floor.

Jesus and Lafayette meet with Jesus's grandfather Don Bartolo to ask for his assistance. Before agreeing to help, Don Bartolo demands a sacrifice. Jesus and Lafayette scour the woods until a rattlesnake slithers up to them. They bring the snake to Don Bartolo, who sics it on Jesus. As the venom courses through Jesus' veins, Don Bartolo commands Lafayette to heal his lover and locks them in the room. A panicked Lafayette is inhabited by a spirit named Tio Luca, who heals Jesus.

Sookie shows up at Jason's and find he's chained himself to his bed, as he's afraid of shifting into a werepanther because of the full moon. Later that night, Jason runs off into the woods. Jessica, because she's given him blood, can sense Jason's fear. She finds him and calms him down. It's clear they share a connection, and she waits with him until he realizes that he won't be shifting after all. Nothing physical happens between them, but they both think it's best not to tell Hoyt anyway.

In a cell at Bill's, Marnie tries to summon the spirit of the witch who was burned alive in 1610 Spain. Once the spirit inhabits Marnie, Bill's sheriff Luis recognizes her as Antonia. He'd bitten and raped Antonia when she was alive, and now seeks revenge for killing his maker. When he visits her cell, Marnie (inhabited by Antonia) stops him in his tracks and places him under his command.

Bill prepares to mete out the true death to Eric. Eric accepts his fate, but requests Pam be released. He also asks Bill to send a message to Sookie. "I was born the night she found me," he says. "Because of her, I went to my true death knowing what it is to love."

Looking for Jason in the woods, Sookie finds Eric instead. Bill let him go. Under the moonlight, they make love in the grass.