I'm Alive and on Fire
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 4

I'm Alive and on Fire

TV-MA | 50 MIN

Directed by Michael Lehmann
Written by
Nancy Oliver

After draining Claudine, Eric comes after Sookie, craving more faerie blood. She cries out that he'd kill her, and Eric mumbles in response, "I'd never harm you." Drunk on faerie blood, he pinches her butt and runs around the yard. With dawn is approaching, he scampers off into the woods and Sookie gives chase.

At Fangtasia, Bill confronts Pam about Eric's whereabouts, suspecting she knows where her maker is. She maintains that she doesn't, but gets in a crack about Bill's power going to his head. At Bill's home, Nan Flanagan chews out the king for sending Eric after the witches. Bill tells her that witches are a serious threat—"Remember the Spanish Massacre?"—but Nan isn't buying it.

In the morning, Alcide shows up to help Sookie track down Eric. He shifts into a wolf and tracks down the scent to a nearby pond. They find the Nordic vampire, still high on faerie blood, swimming in the daylight and calling out sea monsters. Soon, the sun starts to burn his skin and Sookie wraps him in a blanket and takes him in. Alcide is concerned that Sookie is letting Eric live in her home, but Sookie counters that as long as he's living with Debbie Pelt, he's in no position to judge.

Marnie has a vision of the Spanish Inquisition, in which she sees a woman being burned alive for practicing witchcraft. The woman is the same fierce-looking spirit Marnie channeled to wipe away Eric's memories. Unable to save the witch from her fate, Marnie mimics her chant, then wakes up with a start. At the MoonGoddess Emporium, Jesus, Lafayette and Tara try to convince Marnie to reverse the spell she placed on Eric, fearing Pam's retribution. They search the place for a possible solution, and just as they're about to give up, a book falls off the shelf with an answer.

The Hot Shot women continue to have their way with Jason. After the others are finished, it's young Becky's turn to do the same. Jason convinces her that her first time should be special, and she agrees to cut him loose. When her uncle-daddy Felton finds out that Jason has escaped, he shifts into a panther and chases after the wounded man. Jason climbs up a tree and fashions a spear. When panther Felton draws near, Jason pounces on him, plunging the spear into his neck and killing him. Crystal follows behind, relieved to see Felton dead, so that now she and Jason can be together. Instead, Jason tells her, "If the next time I see you is a hundred years from now, it'd still be too goddamn soon." Dragging himself home, Jason passes out along the side of the road. Hoyt and Jessica spot him, and she feeds him her blood, nursing him back to health.

Bill meets Andy and Portia Bellefleur's Grandmama in the parlor of her stately home. The centuries-old vampire and his impeccable manners charm the older woman. While reviewing the family genealogy, they both stop cold at the name Elizabeth Harris. Grandmama excuses herself and Bill tells Portia they can no longer see each other. When Portia presses him for a reason, Bill reveals that she is his great-great-great-great-granddaughter.

In Sookie's home, Eric is feeling depressed that he'll no longer be able to walk in the sun. Sookie, who is starting to feel something for this version of Eric, does her best to lift his spirits. Bill shows up at the door looking for Eric, and asks to search the house. Sookie doesn't want to let him in, but Bill insists that he must do his duty. Sookie lies to him about Eric being inside, and appeals to the feelings he once had for her. Recognizing them—and believing her— he acquiesces.

Tommy goes back to his mother, Melinda. She tells him she finally left Joe Lee, and the boy is thrilled. He tells her he's learned to read, making his mother beam with pride. Their joyous reunion is short-lived. Later that night Joe Lee emerges from behind Tommy and wraps him in a chain leash. It was all a setup -- the Mickens' plan to put their prize pup back to work in the dog-fighting ring.

In the woods, Pam watches impatiently and threateningly as Marnie attempts to reverse the spell cast on Eric. After a few false starts, Marnie is suddenly inhabited by the Spanish spirit in her dreams, and chants forcefully towards Pam. Pam's flesh starts to rot off of her face, and Marnie says to her in Latin with a sneer, "Corrupt, unsanctified corpse who walks, behold your true self."