You Smell Like Dinner
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 2

You Smell Like Dinner

TV-MA | 54 MIN

Directed by Scott Winant
Written by
Brian Buckner

Jason comes to and finds himself tied to a bed, being licked by Timbo and Becky, two of the teen-weres from Hot Shot. He convinces them to let him go, but as Timbo unties him, Felton marches in and puts a shotgun to Jason's face.

At Sookie's house, Eric makes his new tenant an offer: If she agrees to be his, he'll protect her since word is sure to get out about her faerie blood. Sookie rebuffs his advances but hears him out.

As Pam, Jessica and Hoyt leave Fangtasia, they're met by protesting Fellowship of the Sun members chanting anti-vampire rhetoric about the missing Steve Newlin. Calling him a fangbanger, they goad Hoyt into taking a swing at one of them while others record the fight. Pam stops Jessica from helping. "Technology's taken all the fun out of being a vampire," she says.

Katerina reveals to Bill what she saw at the MoonGoddess Emporium. He relieves her of her undercover assignment, then her clothing. They're interrupted when Bill's guards catch Sookie wandering onto the property. Sookie sees the fang marks on Katerina's neck but contains her jealousy to ask for Bill's help in getting her house back.

Bill summons Eric but the sheriff declines to sell Sookie's house. Bill then assigns him to investigate the coven at the MoonGoddess Emporium. Eric is skeptical at first, but when Bill reveals they've been practicing necromancy, he stops in his tracks. "If they can control the dead," Bill warns, "they can control us." Eric agrees to investigate personally, though he's bemused by Bill's ascension to the throne.

In 1982 London, Nan Flanagan spots Bill feeding on a bartender at a punk bar. Noting that he glamours his prey instead of murdering them, she recruits him to the cause of mainstreaming and has him infiltrate the existing vampire power structure. Years later, when Bill fights with Queen Sophie-Anne, Nan secretly supplies him with back-up—an assault team brandishing silver bullets. After they lay waste to the queen, Nan installs Bill as the Vampire King of Louisiana.

After a run with the shifter support group, Sam catches up with Luna, one of its members. They share a connection, and the next day she surprises him at Merlotte's. She reluctantly gives herself over to him, but it's clear she's holding something back. That night she reveals to the group that she's a skinwalker—a person who can shift into another person, but only after they've killed one of their own family members. The group smells something nearby and Sam goes after the scent. Shifting into an owl, he chases down Tommy, who's shifted into a hawk, and confronts him. Tommy tells him he just wants them to be brothers again, and they agree to work at it.

Instead of buying Hoyt aspirin after another argument, Jessica heads off to Fangtasia to feed on the fangbanger from the night before. Sookie arrives to plead with Eric to give her back the house. As Jessica gets her fill in the bathroom stall, Sookie overhears her. When Sookie reminds Jessica about Hoyt, Jessica lashes out. She doesn't want Sookie's advice, not after the way she treated Bill.

Tara returns to Bon Temps to visit Sookie. After they've caught up, she joins Lafayette and Jesus at the MoonGoddess Emporium. Eric bursts inside and demands that the group stop meeting. When Marnie refuses him, he feeds on her. The Wiccans, including Lafayette, join hands and chant in unison to summon the dead. Suddenly, Marnie is inhabited by a fierce spirit with fire in her eyes. She chants forcefully in Latin and Eric is stunned. He retracts his fangs and leaves the MoonGoddess Emporium, spooked.

Felton and Crystal reveal their plan for Jason: Felton is sterile, so they need Jason to propagate their kind by mating with Crystal. They shift and begin to bite Jason to turn him into a werepanther.

Sookie spots Eric walking alone on the side of the road, shirtless and confused. He doesn't recognize her. Looking very un-Eric-like, he sniffs the air and asks Sookie, "Why do you smell so good?"