Burning Down the House
True Blood | Season 4 | Episode 10

Burning Down the House

TV-MA | 51 MIN

Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
Written by Nancy Oliver

Chaos erupts at the Dorchester Hotel. The vampires tear through the panicked crowd as Marnie (Antonia) sends Eric after Bill, chanting "necare rex"-kill the king. With Eric poised to deliver the truly fatal blow, Sookie summons the strongest blast of faerie light she's produced yet, momentarily stunning everyone. The spell is broken and Eric's memories flood back to him, including his recent time with Sookie. They share a meaningful look, and Eric tells Sookie he still loves her. She isn't ready to be entirely his, though, as she still has feelings for Bill as well.

Marnie (Antonia) returns with the vampires still under her command to the MoonGoddess Emporium, where she's holding the rest of the wiccans prisoner. Marnie (Antonia) is visibly conflicted about the destruction she's caused. The spirit of Antonia leaves Marnie body, so they can discuss what they've done. Antonia doesn't want to fight anymore. In her time, she was a healer who saved lives; now she's shedding the blood of the innocent. Marnie passionately convinces the older witch to stay so they can finish what they started, and Antonia reenters her body.

Tommy is dying in Alcide's car. The werewolf brings him to Merlotte's where Sam meets them. As Sam tells him stories of the after-life, Tommy apologizes one last time and then dies in his brother's arms. Sam and Alcide drive to Marcus's bike shop to set him straight, but he's not there. He's at Alcide's house, putting moves on Debbie Pelt.

Nan deploys teams to glamour any potential witnesses of the massacre at the Dorchester. She wants Bill to help control the spin, but he refuses. He blames Nan for the disaster because she wouldn't let him kill Marnie early on and then refused to cancel the event after she knew of the security threat. As they go to ground wrapped in silver chains once again, Bill prepares to go after the MoonGoddess Emporium with force, ordering a vast supply of deadly weapons. Nan threatens to have Bill, Eric and Pam killed, but they ignore her.

Arlene and Terry confront Andy about his V addiction. Terry takes Andy on a trip to Fort Bellefleur, their childhood tree-house out in the woods, to work out his issues. The men shoot cans and fight over long-held grievances, until Andy finally comes clean and admits he's hit rock bottom. He agrees to give up V. Terry's proud of him but leaves his older cousin to walk home on his own.

After having sex with Jessica in the back of his pick-up truck, Jason feels remorseful about betraying Hoyt. He asks Jessica to glamour him, and she storms off angrily saying, "Who's gonna make me forget?" Wracked with guilt, Jason can't bear to be around Hoyt, so he goes to Sookie's house. She enlists him, along with Jesus and Lafayette, to visit the MoonGoddess Emporium to save Tara and the other Wiccans before the vampires attack after nightfall.

Jesus tries to enter the MoonGoddess Emporium through the protection spell Marnie (Antonia) has set up. With a struggle, he is able to do so and communicates his thoughts to Sookie from the inside. He asks to speak to Marnie directly and finds out that she's not possessed, but actually in control of Antonia. As they talk, Holly and Tara are able to undo the protection spell and try to escape, but when they run outside Marnie (Antonia) makes the two of them disappear along with Sookie and Lafayette, leaving Jason on his own.

That night, the vampires-Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica-arrive outside the MoonGoddess Emporium. They're packing all kinds of heat and out for revenge.