Night Moves
Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 1

Night Moves

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Jenny Bicks

Directed by Adam Bernstein

Frances and Robert meet in New York City to finalize their divorce. Robert's lawyer, Tony Silvercreek, attempts to get him spousal support since Frances was paid out after being let go at work. Frances' lawyer Elaine swiftly counters that her client is now supporting herself while trying to get her small gallery going, and that Robert called the cops on Frances.

The agreement allows Robert to have Tom and Lila over for dinner on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but they are not permitted to stay the night until he finds more permanent living arrangements.

Robert meets with his friend Craig and learns it's going to cost him way more than expected to complete work on his new home. Craig offers him a job on his construction crew in good faith. Later, Robert heads to the city to meet with an old friend, Peter, about getting back into finance at his firm. When the meeting proves unfruitful, Robert reluctantly accepts the construction job.

Struggling to find a place to live, Robert considers moving into a bachelor pad with former clients of Tony's. One tenant reveals that Tony is hooking up with Dallas. Needing a change, Robert shaves off his mustache.

Frances discusses plans for her gallery with Diane, who has recently invested in it. Frances insists the money is a loan and promises to pay her back.

Robert wakes up to discover Lila at his unfinished home. She tells him she wants to live with him — it's not fair that she can't see him as much as she wants. He explains to her that she has to wait until he finishes the house or sells it before she can sleepover again.

Robert drives Lila home and Frances is shocked her daughter biked that far in the middle of the night. Frances expresses her frustration that Robert gets to be the crazy, fun dad while she bears the bulk of the responsibility for supporting the children.

Nick tells Diane that he wants to spend more time with her. To Diane's surprise, Nick reveals his plans to retire.

Frances tries to surprise the kids with a backyard trampoline, but neither child is interested. Frances gives it a go to get Tom and Lila to join, but instead, her kids head inside.