Worth It
Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 3

Worth It

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Liz Tuccillo
Directed by Wendey Stanzler

Nick asks Robert to help him build a pizza oven in his backyard. While Robert works on the oven, Nick apologizes for his behavior towards Robert and that he's "been a real god damn sh*t." They hug it out and have a beer together.

Andrew invites Frances over to appraise his aunt's art, but uses the visit as an excuse to ask her to dinner. Frances politely declines, reasoning that she "needs to be on her own for a bit." While appraising Andrew's art, one painting particularly stands out to Frances, but she doesn't recognize the artist. Andrew gives her the painting as a thank you.

Diane meets Frances at her gallery and urges her to branch out beyond local artists, especially since they have only sold one painting.

A realtor, Jackie, sneaks in to get a preview of a house Robert is working on. She immediately knows it isn't for her and Robert suggests his house might be the one she's looking for. He gives her his contact information.

Feeling inspired by the painting Andrew gave her, Frances researches the unknown artist, "Sylvia MacDonald." Frances tracks her down and approaches Sylvia at the bank she works at. Sylvia reluctantly speaks with Frances and insists painting is the "most private thing" about her life. Frances tells her how her painting spoke to her and pleads to see more of her work.

The next day, Robert gives Jackie a tour of his newly finished home. Insulting his handiwork and design choices, she claims it's worth $100,000 less than his asking price. Robert furiously defends his house and declines her offer.

Diane takes Frances to an artist's birthday party in the city to help promote the gallery. The buzz of the party is the host's Eliot Pelts sculpture on display. Everyone is in awe of the shiny sculpture, but Frances finds it incredibly generic.

Frances feels out of place at the party and wanders around, while Diane takes a marijuana edible and socializes. When Frances finds Diane, she learns that Diane has convinced one of her friends to loan them a Pelts to "take the gallery to the next level." Frances insists that she and Diane aren't partners, but she deeply appreciates her financial investment — leaving Diane feeling hurt and underappreciated.

Frances leaves the party and shows up at Sylvia's apartment at 1 in the morning. She bullies her way into Sylvia's apartment and learns that Sylvia was previously represented by a gallery. Frances begs her to finish more paintings.

The next morning, Frances is shocked to discover the Eliot Pelts sculpture being delivered to the gallery.

Robert throws his back out and realizes he can no longer work in construction. In need of another source of income, Robert meets Jackie at one of her showings and challenges her offer. He causes a scene at the showing but gets her to admit she lowballed him with her initial offer and that she loves his house and handiwork. They negotiate and settle on an offer for the house.

Jackie tells her therapist that she thinks she's met someone — Dallas.