Alone Again, Naturally
Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 8

Alone Again, Naturally

TV-MA | 32 MIN

Written by Jenny Bicks
Directed by Adam Bernstein

Robert drops Lila and Tom off at Frances' house and asks his ex if he can take the kids to Europe for two months to stay for free at Jackie's friend's villa. Frances expresses it's been her dream to take the kids to Europe, but it's never been financially feasible; however, she agrees to consider it.

After Frances sees a large feature in the paper about Skip and Sylvia's new partnership, Frances ventures into the city to confront Skip. He says he doesn't have the eye or energy to do what Frances does, and suggests they work together. She declines his suggestion and returns the magnifying glass.

Jackie and Robert meet with a lawyer to finalize paperwork for their real estate partnership.

Frances bursts a pipe trying to hang a painting and Robert comes over to help repair the damage. Before leaving, he surprises her with a check for $75 thousand to repay her for supporting their family over the past two years. They have an emotional moment and kiss — Robert pulls back and quickly leaves.

While strolling through an outdoor art museum, Diane encourages Frances to consider Skip's job offer. Frances states that she doesn't care about the money, she just wants to enjoy her work. She offers Robert's check to Diane, as repayment for Diane's investment in the gallery — Diane sees it as Frances' way of ending her involvement; Diane storms off and tells Frances to cab home.

Robert and Jackie shoot baskets and discuss their trip to Italy. "Do you know what would be fun to do in Italy?" Robert poses, "Get married." He explains that it's fast, but his previous marriage lasted a long time and still ended badly — he wants his future to start. Jackie accepts his proposal saying: "F**k yes."

Upset and angry, Diane gets drunk at a dive bar. When the bartender refuses to continue serving her, she drunkenly gets into her car and sideswipes other vehicles as she drives out of the parking lot.

Frances arrives at Diane and Nick's Memorial Day party; Diane ignores Frances' attempts to apologize. Frances awkwardly avoids Robert and Jackie — Jackie notices, realizing that Robert hasn't shared the news of their engagement with anyone.

While Nick gives a speech about his love for Diane, Frances eyes the many couples. Feeling alone, she excuses herself from the party. Robert follows her to the bathroom and tries to talk to her, but Diane pushes by Robert and reveals her drunken escapade to Frances — assuming and that the police cars outside are there for her.

The group emerges to find the police putting Nick in handcuffs — he's embezzled over $12 million from his clients; he wasn't in retirement, he was in hiding. Everyone at the party is stunned, while Robert tells Frances: "Jackie and I are getting married."

Robert visits Frances at her gallery, and apologizes for springing the news on her.

Frances drives Diane into the city so she can visit Nick at the prison. Diane confronts Nick for lying to her. She never wanted him for his money, she explains, she loved him.

Frances wanders through the city and finds herself at a small art gallery. She asks a young painter about his work and gives him her business card. Feeling inspired, she calls Robert and tells him to take the kids to Italy and make sure to show them all the art the country has to offer.