Breaking the Ice
Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 5

Breaking the Ice

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Stuart Zicherman
Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller

Frances takes Dallas to sample cakes for Lila's 13th birthday party. Dallas is skeptical when Frances claims her relationship with Robert has been more amicable since they slept together. Frances believes sleeping with Robert was the antidote.

Driving away, Frances is shocked to see Tom driving by in an unfamiliar car — she quickly follows him and honks at him to pull over. Frances approaches and asks Tom whose car it is. He stumbles to form a believable explanation before saying, "You should talk to dad."

Tom tries to tell Robert and Jackie that Frances caught him driving Jackie's Tesla — and that she's waiting outside to talk to Robert. Jackie quickly takes the fall saying she gave Tom the keys so he could get his backpack out of her car, but Robert refuses to let her take the blame. He also doesn't want this to be the way Jackie and Frances meet.

Robert rushes outside to explain the situation to Frances. He asserts that Tom is grounded at his place and should be at her house as well, calling it "a full on double ground." Frances asks how he has a Tesla and Robert replies: "It's not mine, it's my friend woman's." Robert insists she isn't "a random woman," but admits he's only known her for a month.

Diane explains the Pelts sculpture to customers in Frances' gallery. She walks over to Frances and asks how she's feeling after learning about Robert's new relationship. Frances simply says, "If he's happy I'm happy." She explains to Diane that all she cares about is convincing Sylvia to work on more paintings.

Nick invites Robert over for dinner, but Diane is surprised to see that Robert has brought Jackie. Diane sneaks off to call Frances with an update and that Jackie calls Robert, "Robbie." Diane says she has a plan and hangs up on Frances, then takes a blurry photo of Robert and Jackie, and sends it to her friend.

Frances briefs Dallas and asks her to stop by and get a first impression of her.

When Dallas arrives at their house, she is floored to recognize Robert's girlfriend as her patient Jackie — she never made the connection since Jackie called him "Robbie" in their sessions. She apologizes and explains it as "an unethical coincidence" and leaves.

The next morning, Frances sees Dallas trying to catch the train and runs after her. Frances prys for information on Jackie, but Dallas says she can't tell her anything because it would be unethical.

Frances arrives at the gallery to find Sylvia unloading her paintings. An overjoyed Frances encourages her to finish more paintings over the next month so she can have a full show in the gallery.

Robert prepares Jackie to meet Frances at Lila's birthday party at the ice rink. Jackie decides to rip off the band-aid and introduce herself, skating out to the center of the rink to greet Frances before Robert even has his skates on. Frances, slightly taken aback by Jackie's passive aggressive ambush, thanks Jackie for coming. Jackie reveals that she knows Robert and Frances slept together in Ohio; she smuggly thanks Frances for divorcing him.

The party wraps up with everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Lila. As they pack up presents, Robert thanks Frances for all the work on the party and for being cordial towards Jackie.