Losing It
Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 6

Losing It

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Kristen Lange
Directed by Scott Ellis

Robert arrives back to his presumably empty apartment, only to discover Tom in the bathroom. Through the cracked door, Robert spots Jackie's daughter, Ella. Robert is furious to discover that Tom started a physical relationship behind his back: "Of all the girls in the world, you have to pick my girlfriend's daughter?"

Over dinner, Robert tells Jackie how he awkwardly discovered that Tom and Ella are having sex. Jackie replies, "They're teenagers, that's what teenagers do." Jackie encourages Ella to explore her sexuality, and is happy she's dating someone nice like Tom — Robert is thrown by her cavalier reaction.

Frances and Sylivia pull an all-nighter perfecting the layout of the gallery for Sylvia's show. Diane arrives to the gallery in the morning with coffee and asks Frances about how things are going with Andrew, with whom Frances has started a casual fling. Frances bawks at the inference that Andrew is her boyfriend.. Sylvia is taken aback when Diane mentions Frances' past affair with Julian. "You have more layers than I thought," Sylvia tells Frances.

Lila asks Frances if she can dye her hair purple, and Frances refuses. Lila retorts: "So I'm not allowed to dye my hair, but Tom can have sex with Ella in Dad's bathroom?"

To avoid arguing, Frances and Robert decide to consult their former therapist about how to deal with Tom's relationship with Ella. In attempt to parent "separately, together," Frances asserts they should implement shared ground rules for their respective homes. They both agree that Tom's door stays open when Ella is over and she can only come over when an adult is home.

Robert goes to see Jackie at her place, but Ella answers the door. Robert awkwardly tries to establish the new ground rules; he tells Ella "you be you," but explains that she's more advanced than Tom. Later, Jackie storms into Robert's apartment and confronts him about his conversation with Ella. They don't see eye to eye; Jackie says she might be better off alone.

Diane takes Dallas on a tour of the country club. The pair runs into Jackie, a former patient of Dallas, who confesses she really misses their therapy sessions. Jackie tries to discuss her fight with Robert, but Dallas opts not to give advice.

Robert drops Lila off at Frances' and Lila accidentally sees Frances and Andrew making out on the trampoline. Lila rushes back to the car and Frances runs after her, apologetic. Robert smugly comments: "Looks like your side of the street was up to something naughty."

Jackie apologizes to Robert and tells him she really wants to make their relationship work — and that Tom ended things with Ella.