Going, Going...Gone
Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 7

Going, Going...Gone

TV-MA | 31 MIN

Written by Julie Rottenberg & Elisa Zuritsky
Directed by Adam Bernstein

Frances and Andrew attend an upscale art auction at a New York socialite's estate. Andrew reveals that his ex-wife cheated on him; when he asks what ended Frances' marriage, she can't bring herself to admit that she cheated on Robert. As they browse auction items, Frances spots a famous art gallery owner, Skip Zakarian. Frances introduces herself to Skip and musters the courage to invite him to her gallery opening. He takes her business card, but declines her invitation.

While Robert and Jackie prepare for an open house, Robert discovers a dead racoon in the upstairs bathroom. Jackie successfully distacts the potential buyers touring the house, Robert cleans up. The duo close the deal and Jackie suggests they officially go into business together flipping and selling houses.

Frances wants to cover up the Pelts sculpture for the gallery opening, but Diane insists it's still the gallery's main attraction. Frances receives a delivery at the gallery; she's shocked to find Skip sent a magnifying glass from the auction — which he outbid her for. Frances considers not accepting the gift, and Diane insists Skip is flirting with her and that Frances should stay on his good side.

On their way to Frances' gallery opening, Jackie talks business with Robert. She says she already spoke to her lawyer to get paperwork started —Robert argues that he should've been at that meeting, and opts to consult his own lawyer.

At the gallery, Frances gives Sylvia the magnifying glass to celebrate their success. Frances spots Skip in the crowd. She greets him and Andrew awkwardly follows her. Frances introduces Andrew to Skip and thanks him for coming. Robert and Jackie arrive at the gallery and they congratulate Frances.

Diane feels left out seeing Frances and Sylvia bond at the gallery opening; Nick feels inclined to give a speech about Diane's contributions. He removes the tarp from the Pelts sculpture and announces that he bought it for Diane.

Frances thanks Skip again for making the trip to the gallery; he asks her out, but thinking of Andrew, Frances unwillingly declines.

Dallas is excited to see Ted from the country club in attendance at the opening— especially because he accepted her date invitation earlier that day. She is disappointed to when Ted is there with his soon-to-be ex-wife, who is still his close friend. Dallas leaves the gallery, and Ted follows her out and assures her that his marriage is over; he kisses her.

Frances cleans up after the gallery closes and Andrew suggests they celebrate back at her place. Still feeling guilty from Skip's dinner invitation, she tells Andrew that it may not be a good idea for them to get serious.

Andrew regrets telling her about his ex-wife's affair, he admits, prompting Frances to come clean about being unfaithful in her marriage. Andrew is disappoint with her dishonesty, but Frances defends herself: "It was a lie by omission." Andrew asserts his first impression of Frances as, "a walking disaster" was correct and storms out.

Frances takes Sylvia out for a celebratory lunch in the city. As they wait for the check, Sylvia reveals that Skip offered to host her next show at his gallery and to represent her exclusively. Frances is deeply hurt to learn that Sylvia accepted Skip's offer without speaking to her first — she had already talked to Sylvia about their next show together. Sylvia insists that Frances would do the same thing if she was in her shoes — she returns the magnifying glass and leaves the restaurant.