Divorce | Season 2 | Episode 4


TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Adam Resnick
Directed by Janicza Bravo

Frances has fun swiping through potential matches on a dating app, but doesn't swipe right until Dallas steals her phone. She encourages Frances to "jump in the water and get wet," and swipes right, messaging one of the matches for her.

Robert drops the kids off at Frances's house and Tom tells Frances that their grandfather is in the hospital. Robert explains to Frances that his father, Frank, caught pneumonia and the doctor recommended he get there as soon as possible. Frances immediately recognizes the severity of the situation and offers to go with Robert to his hometown in Ohio. Robert says it's probably easier if he goes alone, but Frances insists that if he changes his mind she will get on a plane and be there.

Later at the gallery, Frances admits to Diane that she can't help but feel guilty she's not there to support Robert.

Jackie gushes over Robert in one of her therapy sessions with Dallas, but Dallas warns her not to get overly invested in the relationship so early on.

When Robert arrives at the hospital his father is sleeping; he leaves the room and is surprised to see Frances there too. She notices Robert's frustration, but claims that he would do the same for her, he shouldn't have to go through it alone.

Robert asks Frances about the kids, and she tells him Diane will check in on Tom; Lila is staying with a friend.

Diane pops in to check up on Tom and awkwardly tries to bond with him. Tom blows Diane off, until he notices her fancy car. She lets Tom drive her car so she can shop and run errands.

Frances and Robert reminisce about the best times they had in Ohio together over the course of their relationship. Robert leaves the hospital room to get some air, leaving Frances alone with his father. While he sleeps, she apologizes for not being closer to him and admits he means a lot to her because "you mean a lot to him."

On their way to the pharmacy, Frances and Robert joke about the first time he brought her home to meet his family. When they arrive back at the hospital, Robert's infuriating sister Cathy is waiting in their father's hospital room.

Cathy complains about Robert upgrading the cable package in the room which fuels a heated argument about their deep-seated issues — leaving Frances to desperately try and keep the peace.

When Robert's father slowly wakes up, he asks for Cathy, and Robert tries to hide his disappointment. Just then, Cathy comes bursting into the room and pushes Robert away so she can hug her father. Robert excuses himself to the bathroom and they can hear him punch the wall in anger.

Frances offers to get Robert ice for his hand and takes the opportunity to pull Cathy aside. She tells Cathy that she can finally be honest with her now that she and Robert are divorced. "By any measurable comparison, he's a far better person than you are," she says. As Frances finishes her rant, Robert steps into the hallway and hears her defending him.

Heading back to Robert's father's home later that night, Robert tells Frances he appreciates everything she did for him over the weekend. Frances kisses him, and the two have sex.