Night on the Sun
True Blood | Season 3 | Episode 8

Night on the Sun

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
Written by
Raelle Tucker

Sookie awakens from her coma, takes one look at Bill and shrieks. After regaining control of herself, she tells her friends that she needs to speak with Bill alone. Tearfully, she tells the vampire that she's realized they'll never be free to love each other without constantly putting one another in danger. Bill is crushed, but he knows she's right. With tears of blood streaming down his face, he leaves.

At Russell's mansion, Talbot is furious that the king's new wife, Sophie Anne, is moving in with them. As his partner complains, Russell meets with Debbie in the study. She's overcome with rage and grief, and though Russell explains that Sookie is too valuable to kill, he promises Debbie that she can "play with her" when they go to Bon Temps to capture the waitress. Talbot continues to berate Russell for putting all these matters ahead of their relationship, but when the king suggests that Eric keep Talbot company while he's gone, Talbot's mood brightens considerably.

Bill comes home, and knowing that Russell and his minions will soon be coming, he "releases" Jessica, freeing her from his control so she can escape. But Jessica, already feeling abandoned, bursts into tears and refuses to leave. She tells him about the man she killed and the difficulty of being a vampire, and Bill starts to realize that not everyone is better off without him. Later, he teaches Jessica how to use her vampire powers in a fight … because one is definitely headed their way.

Sookie rests on her couch with Alcide, who's unwilling to leave her to fend for herself. She offers him a guest room to stay as long as he wants, and he reaches out to touch her face, promising, "Some day it won't hurt so bad." Their moment is interrupted by Jason and Andy, who urge her to press charges against Bill for attacking her. Sookie refuses, and Jason gets angry, swearing he'll kill Bill and then storming out. Later, Alcide has to rush back to Jackson when he finds out that Debbie burned down his sister's shop. Holding Sookie's hand for a moment, Alcide tells her to take care of herself and promises to come back to see her.

At Sam's rental property, Melinda shows up in dog form to talk to her two sons. She starts by trying to defend Joe Lee, and when that fails, tells the boys how much she loves them … and then asks Sam for money. Disgusted, he gives her what's in his pocket and tells her he doesn't care how far it gets them – as long as it's away from him. After she leaves, Tommy breaks down into tears, and Sam consoles his younger brother.

Tara and Arlene are both haunted by their past traumas, experiencing terrifying dreams. For Arlene, it's Rene, the real father of her unborn child, while Tara can't get the sadistic Franklin out of her mind.

Lafayette comes home from spending the night with Tara and finds Ruby, crazy as ever, waiting on his porch. She raves on about how the vampires are coming for Lafayette, but it's not long before Jesus shows up looking for her, apologizing and telling Lafayette that one of the other nurses didn't keep a close enough eye on her. Lafayette apologizes to Jesus for the other night, and explains that he wants to quit dealing vampire blood but can't. Jesus, trying to understand, leans in and kisses him.

Jason rushes into his house and searches for shotgun shells loaded with wood from his Fellowship of the Sun days. He's about to burst out the door again when Crystal arrives, soaking wet. She tells Jason that she ran away from her family because she doesn't want to marry Felton. She and Jason start kissing and collapse onto the couch. Once they're through, Jason leaves, telling Crystal he'll be back in a minute. As he slips out the door, he grabs his shotgun.

In a booth at Merlotte's, Arlene interviews Holly, the bar's new waitress, who unnerves Arlene when she guesses that she's pregnant. Sam walks into his office to find Tara, horrified after another Franklin flashback and crying. Without asking anything, he takes her in his arms. Later that evening, Sam has to stop Tommy from instigating a fight with Hoyt over Jessica. Dragging his little brother into his office, Sam tells him to relax and start thinking about his future. But when Sam suggests going to college, Tommy shuts down, saying, "College? You really don't know me at all, do you?"

Eric sends Hadley to Bon Temps with a warning for Sookie: Russell is coming, and she can't trust Bill. Sookie figures that Russell will find her wherever she goes, so she's just going to stay put. But before she can ask Hadley any more questions, her cousin runs off, apologizing and saying it's all her fault but offering no explanation.

Felton and Calvin come to Merlotte's looking for Crystal. They can tell that Sam and Tommy are shifters, and the Merlotte boys can smell something odd about the meth dealers as well. Sam kicks them out of the bar, and when they return to Hotshot, Calvin finds Jason poking around – with a shotgun. Jason says that he's a cop and knows about their meth labs. He orders Calvin to leave Crystal alone unless he wants to go to jail. Calvin backs off but tells Jason that he has no idea who he's messing with.

Debbie and her pack of wolves make a move on Sookie's house. While Debbie heads upstairs to find Sookie, her wolves are stopped by Bill and Jessica, who race to Sookie's aid. In her bedroom, Sookie trains a shotgun on Debbie, but the she-wolf takes advantage of Sookie's hesitation and disarms her. An all-out brawl ensues, ending with Sookie viciously stabbing Debbie in the face with a pair of scissors. Leaping out the window and shifting into a white wolf, Debbie runs off to lick her wounds. Downstairs, when Jessica chases an escaping wolf out the door, Russell appears and grabs her by the throat. Bill convinces him to release her, but the younger vampire has no chance against the king. Just as Russell knocks his adversary onto the ground and starts to sink one of his silver spurs into Bill's face, a terrible feeling comes over him. Back at the mansion, Eric has finally taken his revenge, driving a stake into Talbot's heart. Russell races to his destroyed lover's side, granting Bill a reprieve.

Bill finds Sookie in what's left of her bedroom, with broken glass and furniture scattered everywhere. She hurries toward him and wraps her arms around him. "I love you," she tells him, to which he responds, "I'm sorry …" They kiss, and then they're on the floor as their clothes come off...