Fresh Blood
True Blood | Season 3 | Episode 11

Fresh Blood

TV-MA | 50 MIN

Directed by Daniel Minahan
Written by
Nancy Oliver

Bill bursts through the door at Fangtasia to rescue Sookie, and when Pam stands in his way, he informs the younger vampire that he could easily kill her. When Bill attacks, however, Pam sprays him in the face with colloidal silver, blinding him. But downstairs in the basement, spurned Yvetta - still smarting from Eric's scorn - frees Sookie and then helps Bill to overtake Pam.

After Jesus and Lafayette come down from their V trip, Jesus is blown away by the experience and wants to do it again immediately. Lafayette isn't as enthused, and a few "aftershock" hallucinations disturb him so much that he asks Jesus to leave for the night. Later, his delusions come on even stronger when the religious figurines at his house start chattering and talking to him.

Jason, standing shocked in his bedroom, tries to process the news that his girlfriend is a were-panther. He wants to accept her, but everything is just too weird right now. He leaves to look for Sookie, but he ends up at the Bon Temps football field, watching Kitch Maynard practice. But something's not right - the kid is just too good. When it dawns on Jason that Kitch is using V as a performance enhancer, he approaches the young QB as a "police officer" and tries to intimidate him. But Kitch doesn't care, and even worse, he knows no one else will either. Jason goes home to Crystal and says that he wants to be with her - after all, no one in Bon Temps is what they're supposed to be. She's overjoyed, but she tells Jason that they need to find a way to protect the people of Hotshot from a DEA raid.

Hoyt, a little buzzed from drinking Jessica's blood, makes out with her and tells her that he doesn't care that she's killed people. He says if she needs to have human blood, she can drink his...and she does. Meanwhile, Summer shows up at his mother's house, apologizing that she couldn't win over Maxine's son.

Eric tracks Russell down at a museum, where he's killed the guards in order to enjoy one of Talbot's favorite pieces of art. Russell cordially informs Eric that he's going to destroy him, and when Eric explains the reason for his revenge, the mad king simply laughs and says: "Life is absurd." Eric then plays his last card, explaining that he's found the key to walking in sunlight - and he can share it if he continues to live.

At Merlotte's, Holly agrees to help Arlene end her pregnancy, but their conversation is interrupted when Sam stumbles into the bar wasted and starts yelling at the patrons and staff. Across the room, Tara tells Andy that she knows the truth about Eggs' death, but to her surprise, the cop breaks down and apologizes, telling her that he wishes there was something he could have done to save her boyfriend. Sam in his drunken rage turns on Tommy, and when his little brother pushes back, Sam flips out on him and kicks him out of the restaurant - and his apartment. Sam follows that up by kicking everyone else out, too...except for Tara, who refuses to leave.

Bill and Sookie drive back to Bon Temps, discussing the limited chances of both their relationship and their survival. The discussion ends abruptly, however, when Russell literally stops their car with his hands. Bill and Sookie are dragged back to Fangtasia, but on the way in, Eric intimates to Bill that he has a plan to save Sookie.

In the forest, Holly performs a nature ritual on Arlene inside a ring of candles. As Arlene drinks a strange potion (including a drop of her own blood) Holly explains that if the soul is meant to be born, nothing can change that...but this could be the answer. Later that night, Arlene wakes up covered in blood. As Terry freaks out, she holds him and says she's lost the baby, but when the couple goes to the hospital to follow up, the doctor tells them that Rene's child is still "on board."

Inside Merlotte's, Tara and Sam sit at the bar drinking and talking about how they're not so different after all. Tara does warn Sam, though, that speaking your mind isn't always the best way to make friends. They lean into a kiss, and as it intensifies, they head back to Sam's trailer. While they're in bed, Tommy breaks into the bar to crack Sam's safe.

At Fangtasia, Russell is ecstatic about his moment in the sun, but he insists that Eric go first. Both vampires drink deeply from Sookie, and when Eric steps out into the parking lot, he's unburned by the morning light. Russell observes from a security monitor in the bar, and after a few minutes joins Eric outside. In a flash, the Nordic vampire, who's begun to char slowly under the sun's rays, slaps silver handcuffs over Russell's wrist and then his own. "Be brave," he tells Russell. "We'll die together."