9 Crimes
True Blood | Season 3 | Episode 4

9 Crimes

TV-MA | 55 MIN

Directed by David Petrarca
Written by
Kate Barnow & Elisabeth R. Finch

Sookie patches up a wound on Alcide's shoulder that he received in the fight at Lou Pine's, doing her best to repair his ego as well by mentioning that the werewolves had been drinking vampire blood. This disgusts Alcide, who's also worried about Debbie Pelt, his ex-fiancee who's now engaged to Coot. A bit of sexual tension builds between Alcide and Sookie, but they're interrupted by Sookie's cell phone. It's Bill, and he's calling to break up with her. Alcide does his best to console her in his tough-love kind of way, but this is a deep blow to Sookie.

Tara, still under the glamour of Franklin, calls Sookie to determine her whereabouts, but Sookie is too upset to talk to her. Franklin, not pleased, bites Tara savagely. Before going to ground for the day, he ties his captive to the toilet.

After Bills hangs up with Sookie, he turns to a triumphant-looking Lorena and tells her that he'll never love her. Lorena says that she knows his feelings will change over time, but he responds by punching her full-on in the face, sending her flying into the hallway. He slams his silver door shut behind her, burning his hand in the process.

While Yvetta dances for Eric at Fangtasia, the vampire lapses into a fantasy about Sookie. He hovers outside her window, and when she invites him inside, she says she can smell the saltwater in his memories. They slip closer together, sharing a moment and then a kiss...until Yvetta snaps him from his daydream, asking, "I boring you?"

Sam bursts out of Merlotte's holding a handgun and looking for his brother Tommy. Instead, he finds Melinda camped out in his parking lot. She tells her son that Tommy sometimes acts out whenever the family "falls on hard times."

Sookie wakes up to breakfast with Alcide, who can't believe that she still wants to find Bill. He advises her to move on, but she's not taking any pointers from a guy still sleeping on the floor after his ex left with their bed. Later, Alcide's sister Janice, a stylist, stops by to disguise Sookie for her infiltration of Lou Pine's. While she works, Sookie overhears in her thoughts that Debbie isn't just getting engaged to Coot - she's being inducted into his werewolf pack. When Alcide comes home, Sookie tells him the truth, and he agrees to go with her to Lou Pine's.

At Merlotte's, the community throws a retirement party for Bud, who passes the law-enforcement torch to Andy. From the bar, Jason angrily eyes Kitch Maynard - the high school QB who's about to break Jason's record - and when the kid shows no respect during Bud's speech, Jason gets in his face. Across the room, Arlene complains to Sam that she needs another waitress to help her out, but later that night when he brings Jessica on to work as a hostess, Arlene isn't happy about having another redhead to compete with.

Lafayette takes a cooler full of V to the trailer-trash town of Hot Shot to make a business contact with Calvin Norris, a local dealer. Calvin's not interested, though, and when Lafayette catches some of the locals stripping his SV9 outside, things go downhill fast. Just as Lafayette finds himself surrounded, Eric swoops in to save him - and close the deal. But Eric's victory is short-lived. Pam calls to tell him that Fangtasia is being raided by the Magister, and he's found their stock of V. When Eric arrives at his bar, he finds the Magister torturing Pam and demanding answers.

Sam finally finds Tommy sleeping naked in the woods and when he offers to let his little brother come live with him, Tommy balks, saying he could never abandon his parents - no matter how screwed up they are. Sam understands and tries to help by allowing the whole family to live in his rental property...as long as they can quit drinking and stealing.

Sookie - made over convincingly as a rocker chick - arrives at Lou Pine's with Alcide and quickly splits with him to do shots with some bikers at the bar. But when Debbie strides up and threatens Sookie, Alcide steps between them. Soon Alcide and Coot are facing off, but before they can get into a fight, the whole bar quiets down as Russell appears onstage. Speaking in German, he thanks the wolves for their support - then opens a vein to pour his blood into shot glasses. The bikers drink greedily as Russell departs, and Debbie is branded with the Operation Werewolf sigil. Everyone in the bar starts to shift, including Alcide, who barks at Sookie to escape while she can.

Russell leaves Lou Pine's to meet up with Bill and Lorena outside a strip club in his limousine. Bill has glamoured a girl so broken that she has lost her will to live, the closest he can find to a willing participant in what's about to take place. Still, when all three vampires bite into the woman, she shrieks in pain and horror.