True Blood | Season 3 | Episode 5


TV-MA | 56 MIN

Directed by Scott Winant
Written by
Nancy Oliver

In the foyer of Russell's mansion, Tara sits petrified in a chair while Franklin and Talbot bicker with each other. When Bill walks in with Russell and Lorena, Tara rejoices for a moment - until she realizes the vampire has no intention of rescuing her. Franklin joins Russell in his office, showing the vampire king the documents he stole from Bill's house and reporting that Sookie is actually in Jackson.

Eric arrives at Russell's mansion, supposedly searching for Bill as part of a vampire-blood-dealing investigation. But Bill immediately blows his cover...and points out that Eric is the one selling V for the queen. Intrigued, Russell says he may be able to help save Pam from the magister and invites Eric to stay, much to the delight of Talbot.

Sookie wakes up to the sound of Alcide fighting with Debbie in his apartment. The werewolf's ex warns him that Russell will kill him if he tells anyone what he saw at Lou Pine's, and when she notices Sookie, Debbie loses her temper and has to be dragged out by Alcide. Sookie wants to find out more about Russell, but Alcide says he needs to confer with his packmaster. But when they go to meet the alpha dog, Colonel Flood, he says he's well aware of Russell's crew but there's nothing that can be done. The vampire king is too powerful, and Flood is scared, though he'll never admit it.

Jason shows up for his first day on the job at the sheriff's office, and Andy puts him to work...washing police cruisers. When he sees Crystal drive by in an old truck, he jumps into a cop car - shirtless - and pulls her over. He asks her to meet him at Merlotte's that night, and when she refuses, he tells her he'll be there anyway.

Sam helps the Mickenses move into his rental property, while Tommy and Joe Lee glare at each other over the tops of cardboard boxes. Across the way, Terry is moving in with Arlene, and he couldn't be happier. Sam suggests Joe Lee help Arlene out as a handyman, and then he jumps in his truck with Tommy to go to work.

At Russell's mansion, Tara is tied to a bed next to a sleeping Franklin. Using her teeth to loosen the ropes, she manages to escape. She bolts out the door and into the sunlight, but as she gets farther from the house, she hears a wolf growling as it gives chase. Moments later, she's taken to the ground by a grinning, naked Coot. Later that night, Franklin is hurt and enraged that she tried to leave him, but he softens when she explains that she's human and has certain food. Unfortunately, he suggests a solution to this problem: turning her into his "vampire bride."

In the parking lot at Merlotte's, Lafayette finishes a cigar as Jesus, his mother's nurse, approaches. At first Lafayette is on guard, but he softens when he realizes Jesus just came to spend time with him. Lafayette returns to the kitchen while Jesus hangs out at the bar for his entire shift. As Jessica seats customers, she notices Hoyt come in with a young girl, Summer, who bores him from across their table as he sneaks glances at Jessica. Jason sits at a table, waiting for Crystal, and Andy comes over with good news: Jason can be a cop - all he has to do is pass the physical...and the written test. Jason leaves the bar, depressed, but his spirits lift when he sees Crystal outside. They walk off into the woods, where they kiss, drawn together by an intense feeling they don't quite understand.

Russell jovially questions Bill about the documents that Franklin found in his home - Sookie's genealogy charts - which the vampire king suspects are part of Bill's search for other telepaths in her family. Bill laughs at the suggestion, but their conversation is interrupted by Coot, who has information for his master. Later, Coot finds Bill and rubs in the fact that Sookie is in Bon Temps, shacked up with Alcide. Intent on warning her about the danger Russell poses, Bill knocks Coot out, dispatches a guard and flees the mansion.

After work, Tommy hangs out with Sam in his trailer, until Joe Lee shows up drunk at the door. He yells at both his sons, but Sam isn't intimidated. When he threatens to throw Joe Lee out, the old man relaxes and leaves on his own. But it's clear to Sam that there's something Tommy isn't telling him about their father.

Talbot leads Eric through the mansion, explaining how Russell has collected the many relics decorating his lair. Eric picks up an item, which Talbot identifies as "some random tribal crown," but Eric knows this piece. He flashes back to his mortal life as a Viking prince, when a pack of werewolves attacked and killed his family at the command of a shadowy figure who stole his father's crown. As his father died in his arms, Eric swore revenge.

Bill arrives at Alcide's apartment, begging Sookie to leave Jackson before Russell and his minions find her, but it's too late. The vampire king and his wolves arrive, and when Coot tries to grab Sookie, she shoots him with a burst of light. This thrills Russell, who exclaims, "Fantastic!"