True Blood | Season 2 | Episode 8


TV-MA | 53 MIN

Directed by John Dahl
Written by
Alexander Woo

In the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church, Godric holds the thug Gabe by his throat as Sookie looks on with a combination of relief and horror. Gabe calls the vampire by name, pleading for his life, but Godric answers by snapping the man's neck. Hearing a crash in an adjacent room, Sookie thinks that Bill has finally arrived to rescue her, but instead Eric sweeps in and kneels at his maker's feet. Godric says he can take care of himself and orders Eric to escort Sookie from the church - without shedding blood in the process.

At Hotel Carmilla, Bill questions Barry about the message he received from Sookie. Lorena, however holds the bellhop in a death grip ... and then sinks her fangs into his neck. Taken aback by the man's unique flavor, Lorena falters, asking Barry, "What are you?" Before Barry can speak, Bill slams a plasma TV into the back of Lorena's head. She hits the floor, unconscious, and Bill darts to Jessica's room, where he finds her and Hoyt in the midst of losing their virginity. Shocked, angry and embarrassed, Bill orders Hoyt to take Jessica back to Bon Temps immediately before bolting out the door himself.

After hours at Merlotte's Lafayette tries to divine Tara's future with a Tarot card reading, but they're interrupted when Eggs bursts into the bar, edgy. He's blacked out again, he says, losing several hours before waking up disoriented by the lake. Both of them scared now, Tara and Eggs leave to go home.

Sookie and Eric make their way through the Fellowship complex. When Eric comes upon a ragtag crowd of guards, he at first pretends to be human, but when they become suspicious, he disarms them easily. A quick look out the door reveals an approaching mob, so Eric and Sookie flee toward the church sanctuary. From the altar of this quiet room, Steve Newlin's voice rings out. He assures them that they're headed straight to hell, and as his homegrown army quickly surrounds Eric and Sookie, Newlin says they'll make perfect replacements for Godric in his "ceremony."

Lying on the road at Sarah's feet, Jason realizes he's not dead; she just shot him with a paintball gun. He attempts to explain that he was only trying to escape her crazy (and well-armed) husband, but Sarah is inconsolable after being betrayed. She fires a paintball into Jason's groin, leveling him with pain. "We have your sister," she tells him. "You're no more than a bunch of heartless, two-faced vampire-f**kers!" Not appreciating the slur against his sister, Jason knocks Sarah to the ground and grabs her paintball gun. Jumping into her utility terrain vehicle, he tears off toward the church. When he gets there, he finds Sookie with Steve holding a gun to her head, Eric chained to the altar and Bill surrounded by stake-wielding Soldiers of the Sun. Jason fire a paintball with dead aim, knocking the gun from Steve's hand and then follows up with a shot right between the minister's eyes.

Sookie sets Eric free, and the vampire seizes Steve. Before Eric can figure out to do with him, however, Stan and a squad of Dallas vamps stalk into the room. "We'll kill you," Stan threatens the minister, "same way we did your father." Stan gives the order to massacre everyone in the room, but then Godric appears on the balcony commanding everyone to stop. He confronts the humans, asking if they're prepared to die for the religious madman, and they answer by standing down and exiting. The vampires, too, walk away from the scene. Jason apologizes to Sookie for being foolish enough to follow these extremists. As everyone leaves, Steve assures them that their day of reckoning will come, but Jason quips back: "I've already been to heaven. And it was inside your wife," before decking the preacher.

Sam receives a call on his cell phone, with Merlotte's showing up on the Caller ID but no one at the other end of the line. He rushes back to his darkened bar, and when he goes inside, he's horrified to find Daphne's corpse in his walk-in, her heart cut out of her chest. Police lights start flickering through the windows as Sheriff Bud Dearborn's voice fills the air.

In the kitchen at Sookie's house, Maryann begins work on a feast, beginning with a pan full of chopped vegetables. But her key ingredient is on the cutting board - a human heart, which she carefully slices into bite-sized pieces and adds to her pot.

Bud and Kenya interrogate Sam inside his bar, saying they got an anonymous tip. Sam knows Maryann is setting him up - and says as much - but Bud is concerned that nothing with the bar owner ever seems to check out. Andy bursts into the room, drunk as usual, and does his best to corroborate Sam's story with his own tales about massive orgies and a clawed bull wearing a dress. Bud is far from convinced.

Tara and Eggs return home, still shaken by their memory loss, but when Maryann offers them a "Hunter's Soufflé," they both dig in. As they eat, they can't believe how great it tastes. Slurping up the bright red sauce, they become more and more enamored with the meal, gushing about how delicious it is.

At the lair of the Dallas vampires, Jason apologizes to Bill for being prejudiced against him and gives the vampire an awkward hug. Bill tries to explain to Sookie that he couldn't rescue her because he was held hostage, but he leaves out the details about Lorena. Sookie and Bill both stare daggers at Eric for gambling with their lives to save Godric, but the Nordic vampire doesn't seem to care.

Isabel drags Hugo before Godric, explaining that he's the one who betrayed them. And Godric - much to Stan's dismay - grants Hugo mercy, suggesting he leave town as it's "not safe for you here." Eric tries to bring a woman to feed his maker, but the ancient vampire isn't hungry. Mostly, he's tired, and when Eric becomes angry about the Fellowship and their hatred, Godric counsels understanding: "We ARE frightening," he tells Eric, lamenting that vampires haven't evolved in thousands of years - they've only become more brutal.

Jessica and Hoyt try to have sex again, but the vampire is crushed when she finds out that her the chastity she'd lost seems to have found her. Everything heals for a vampire, after all, and she's going to be a virgin for eternity. As she weeps, Hoyt has no idea what to say to comfort her.

Bud and Kenya lock Sam up in jail, where he finds a who's who of Bon Temps incarcerated for various public disturbances - most involving wanton sex. Mike Spencer and Jane Bodehouse are both chagrined to be behind bars, though neither can quite remember what they did to get there.

Tara and Eggs continue to receive far too much enjoyment from Maryann's soufflé, and as they eat, their eyes turn black and frenzied. Soon, they're hitting each other - hard - in the face and exalting in the pain. Maryann looks on, thrilled with the result.

At the Dallas lair, Lorena slips in through the crowd and finds Sookie to introduce herself. Dripping with menace, Lorena explains that she and Bill go way back, and as Sookie pieces things together, Bill steps in to get rid of Lorena. When the vampire caresses his cheek, Sookie's had enough and starts to mouth off to Lorena, telling her, "Go find someone else you trashy bitch. You've lost this one!" Lorena goes wild, grabbing Sookie, her fangs extending. But Godric steps in, separating them and banishing Lorena from his area, disgusted with her behavior. He asks Bill to escort her out.

With Lorena gone, things start to return to normal, but then Luke steps into the middle of the room, calling for everyone's attention. Jason tries to talk to him, but his former camp-mate refuses to listen. Instead, he tells everyone, "I have a message for you all from Reverend Steve Newlin ..." Opening his jacket, Luke reveals a bomb strapped to his chest and covered in wood and silver. Before even a vampire can react, he pushes the button on the detonator.