The Hunt
The Wire | Season 1 | Episode 11

The Hunt

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Directed by Steve Shill
Story by David Simon & Ed Burns
Teleplay by Joy Lusco

"Dope on the damn table." - Daniels

Greggs is in the hospital unconscious from gunshot wounds in her neck. At the crime scene, Bunk discovers that her gun, which she'd hidden under the seat of the car in which she was shot, had slid away and she was unable to retrieve it to defend herself when the shooting started. Rawls finds that the street signs nearby have been tampered with, which meant Greggs was unable to radio her proper location.

Wee-Bey beeps Stringer from a pay phone near the shooting. The call is traced to the pay phone later, connecting Stringer to the crime, and while there are no fingerprints on the phone, a soda can nearby yields the prints of Little Man, one of Barksdale's crew. Wee-Bey reports to Stringer that the heist went well, but Stringer informs him that the woman they shot was a cop.

Major heat will come their way, so Wee-Bey must hide out in Philly for awhile. 'DAngelo is ordered to drive Wee-Bey to Philly, but he is suspicious that this may be a ruse to off him instead. They stop by Wee-Bey's apartment, all the time Dee fearing it is a trap, but Wee-Bey just gives him instructions to care for his tropical fish.

Wallace phones Poot from his Grandma's because he's homesick for Baltimore. Bubbles, still straight and still waiting for cash from Greggs, beeps her and is picked up by cops moments later at a pay phone. He agrees to return to the projects and observe who is missing among Barksdale's crew. McNulty gives him $20 to get high, but Bubbles holds on to the money and stays clean, reporting later that Little Man, Savino and Wee-Bey have disappeared from the Towers.

Barksdale attorney Maury Levy assures Rhonda Pearlman and McNulty that if Savino calls, Levy will advise him the police are looking for him and he should turn himself in. McNulty has heard enough lawyer double-talk and insists the hard way that Levy have Savino in police custody before day's end. He not only insults Levy in his tirade, but Pearlman too, who backs McNulty's threats to Levy nonetheless. Levy coughs up Savino, and when Savino is informed that he will go to prison for three years, he responds cockily: "I can do the three. Ain't no thing."

Burrell is on the warpath again, and tells Daniels the police commissioner wants citywide raids on every known suspect in the case. "We want dope on the table for the six o'clock news." Daniels tells his squad the news, but says they will not raid the Pimlico drug house that is Barksdale's main supplier, since to do so would compromise their case. Burrell however learns of this scheme and warns Daniels that he'd better include the Pimlico house. Daniels concludes that there's a snitch in his squad who tipped Burrell off. McNulty asks Judge Phelan to overrule Burrell's order to include the Pimlico house, but the Judge refuses.

The citywide busts go down, and although the Pimlico connection is not home, the cops find a huge supply of drugs and a large pile of cash in his house. Herc and Carver each help themselves to a stack of bills before reporting their find. After the busts, Burrell holds a press conference, and indeed the drugs are on the table.

The report on Greggs is that she has swelling on the vertebrae and indications of partial paralysis, which may go away when the swelling recedes.