Jake and Amy -- Week One
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 4

Jake and Amy -- Week One

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Directed by: Rodrigo Garcia
Teleplay by: Rodrigo Garcia

As the session begins, Paul and an agitated Jake wait for Amy to arrive. Pacing the office in his muddy boots, Jake makes a series of angry phone calls in search of Amy – including a conversation with their son, Lenny, who apparently is binging on Fritos much to Jake's disgust. Eventually, Amy breezes in, apologizing for being late, but wearing a newly-bought and expensive-looking business outfit, raising Jake's suspicions as to where she's been. At first, Amy claims to have come from a meeting at a café with her boss, but with some pointed prodding from Jake, admits she's been to their OB doctor to take the next steps for an abortion. Despite spending five years in fertility treatment, Amy does not want to have this baby. After Paul suggests their real problem lies with their inability to accept each other, Jake aggressively forces Paul to blurt out that he thinks they should have an abortion. Trying to reclaim a more neutral stance, Paul insists that he can only help them to come to a correct decision for themselves. After they leave, Paul places a call to his former supervisor Dr. Gina Taub.