Alex - Week Four
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 17

Alex - Week Four

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Directed by: Christopher Misiano
Teleplay by: Bryan Goluboff

Alex arrives early for his session, with a check from Laura to cover her last session. He proceeds to tell Paul the details of his encounter with her, including his inability to get aroused during sex. Paul suggests Alex's explanation to Laura (that alcohol sexually represses men) may have sounded to Laura like an apology for not being aroused by her. Alex continues to describe their encounter, and his constant mention of his wife and the separation. Paul accuses him of belittling Laura to gain control of the situation and Alex counters that Laura is using him because she's hung up on someone else. Alex insists that doing what he's trained to do - keeping his eyes on his navigational instruments - is what lead him to drop that bomb. Alex questions whether he can be helped by therapy and Paul explains it will occur in small internal steps, but he has to be willing to engage in the process and take responsibility for his choices.