Sophie -- Week Four
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 18

Sophie -- Week Four

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Directed by: Rodrigo Garcia
Teleplay by: Sarah Treem

Sophie shows up at her session with her casts off, dressed from a night out partying. Exhausted, Sophie finds herself detailing the events that lead up to her accident. She talks about her mother and being anorexic when she was younger, starving herself to stay thin as a gymnast. Acting out how she returned to the gym, Paul gets nervous when she uses the back of his sofa as a balance beam. Sophie says the guy who was plying her with Tequila at the party last night told her she had sex like someone who's been sexually abused. Upset, she recalls the night of the accident and admits she wanted the car to hit her. She goes to Paul's bathroom, and finding prescription sleeping pills, she swallows a handful. Paul, sensing something is wrong, catches Sophie as she collapses in his office while trying to leave.