Sophie -- Week Seven
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 33

Sophie -- Week Seven

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Directed by: Melanie Mayron
Teleplay by: Sarah Treem

Sophie tells Paul about a dream in which a man knocked on her door and she let him in, only to realize the man (who was Paul) was a serial killer there to kill her father. Sophie attempts to convince Paul that she and her father have a unique and close relationship. When she tells Paul how she used to see her father having sex with various models he was photographing, he asks why she never told her mother. Sophie gets mad, saying it's not her job to make her mother face reality – she's the child. Paul suggests her father made her an accomplice and she's been afraid to get angry at him for fear of losing him for good. He presses her to acknowledge her anger for her father but Sophie insists it's her mother who pisses her off – for being so pathetic. Sophie admits she's not interested in gymnastics anymore and demands to know why he thinks that is. Paul reveals he believes she used gymnastics as an escape and she may not feel the need to run away anymore.