Paul and Gina -- Week One
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 5

Paul and Gina -- Week One

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Directed by: Rodrigo Garcia
Teleplay by: Rodrigo Garcia

When Paul arrives at Gina's after a long period of no contact, she offers him a drink – and then tells him that he's sitting in her chair. He explains that he's having problems with his patients and runs through his outburst with Jake and Laura's feelings toward him. He quotes one of Gina's old lessons that therapists need an audience to see how cleverly they deal with their patients, but Gina corrects him, saying she meant therapists require criticism. She recalls that he was very angry the last time he visited her – he even skipped an important funeral – and she asks what role he's assigned her: friend, colleague, therapist? Paul explains that he's arguing with Kate and often doesn't know where she is. Gina alludes that his failing marriage may have to do with the erotic transference he's experiencing with Laura. He accuses her of affixing her own agenda and preconceived notions to his problems, and when she asks him what's bugging him so much, he replies, "You are."