Sophie -- Week Five
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 23

Sophie -- Week Five

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Directed by: Paris Barclay
Teleplay by: Sarah Treem

Sophie's mother Olivia joins her daughter's therapy session, and as mother and daughter get into an argument in front of Paul about whether or not Sophie can return to training, he witnesses the young girl's hostility first hand. Olivia decides to wait in the car, and Paul confronts Sophie, saying he believes she took the pills in her last session to test him, and he passed – but what if she tests someone else, who doesn't know it's a test? Sophie claims it wouldn't matter because she'd be dead. When he quizzes her on what dying means to her, Sophie admits it's a way to escape her mother. Paul lays down the law on Sophie continuing treatment: She cannot threaten suicide. Sophie eventually agrees. When Olivia returns to pay Paul, Sophie announces she's returning to training, and if her mother refuses she'll leave home. Olivia, angered, tells Paul that Sophie is threatening to go live with her father, but he's been out of touch, living in Miami, and doesn't even know about his daughter's accident. Sophie taunts her mother saying if she wants to have sex with Si in her hospital room she will, and Paul confronts her on why she didn't tell him about her father and whether she's still having relations with Si.