Alex -- Week Six
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 27

Alex -- Week Six

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Directed by: Melanie Mayron
Teleplay by: Bryan Goluboff

Alex returns to therapy and Paul apologizes for crossing a boundary. Alex theorizes that everyone is afraid of him because they see him as a murderer and Paul suggests that's actually how Alex sees himself – which may be why he pushed Paul to such an extreme place, so he would punish him the way he believes he should be. Alex recounts a dream in which he's in Baghdad in a traffic jam and sees an enemy plane overhead being followed by an American jet which doesn't fire on the enemy; Alex is furious at the American pilot for being cowardly. He insists Paul wants to say the dream is homosexual dream ("I'm tailing him, I see a fire come out his back burner…"). When Paul questions on him what he means by calling someone "gay," Alex says: someone who talks about their feelings all the time. Alex tells a story of getting beat up as a kid and his father slapping him for it and taking him to a gym to teach him how to fight back. Alex says he was fine with it, explaining you have to master fear, but he collapses with emotion as he talks about controlling his fear as a way to control his life. Alex once again says he doesn't think he can continue therapy. At the end of his session, he announces that he got called by his commander about returning to active duty and Paul tells him he doesn't think he's ready.