Jake and Amy -- Week Five
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 24

Jake and Amy -- Week Five

TV-MA | 23 MIN

Directed by: Paris Barclay
Teleplay by: William Merritt Johnson

The previous week's chaos gives way to a critical decision by Amy — and an emotional admission from Jake.

A disgusted Amy tells Paul that they've separated because after making love, Jake threatened to kill her if she leaves him. Jake retorts being disgusted by Amy and her mother forcing junk food down the throat of their overweight child. Amy insists Lenny will grow out of it as she did. With that new revelation Paul wonders if Jake's insecurities and underachieving actually enable Amy to avoid the negative feelings she has for herself. Amy emphatically refuses to consider that possibility, stating she wants a divorce from Jake and his threats, suspicions, recordings and stakeouts. Even, as a sobbing Jake begs for her not to leave him, she remains unmoved.