Don't Be Ridiculous

Written by Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta
Directed by Keith Gordon

While looking out at the night sky, the man on the pillar collapses and falls, unseen. Because his wife claims to have seen him depart, Nora conducts several interviews with supposed witnesses. When she hears about a preacher helping the wife, Nora knows it's Matt. Her brother confesses the man had a heart attack and died, but he promised not to tell anyone. Kevin and Nora return the dead man’s personal effects to his wife, and Kevin dissuades Nora from telling people what really happened.

Nora has her cast removed. The doctor mentions an orderly saw Nora slam her arm in her car door before coming in for treatment. Nora doesn’t let on as to whether it’s true. Leaving the hospital, Nora receives a call from Mark Linn-Baker, the actor from Perfect Strangers who faked his Departure. He asks if she’d like to see her children again, and invites her to St. Louis to speak with him in person. Nora calls work to have her travel approved; she plans to prove the actor is running a scam.

Packing for her trip, Nora jokes with Kevin she’d like to take his “bible” for reading on the plane. The self-check-in the machine at the airport sticks on the question “Are you traveling with an infant on your lap?” Nora, shaken, moves to a different kiosk.

Nora meets with Linn-Baker who explains a certain type of radiation was found at the site of Departures. He's working with a group that has built a device to recreate the effect of the Departure: The machine blasts the subject inside with the same radiation to send the person “through” to where the Departed went. Nora assures Linn-Baker the subjects aren’t going anywhere; they're being incinerated. He hands Nora a phone and digital record of everyone who was sent through.

Back in her hotel room, Nora watches the videos featuring people of different ages and cultures holding up newspapers to prove the date. They each declare they are of sound mind and body, and using the device of their own free will.

The following morning, Nora drives a rental car to Kentucky. She watches a little girl on a playground, and leaps out of the car when another child takes the girl’s shovel. Christine, holding a baby, stands over the little girl -- Lily -- and asks Nora what she’s doing. Nora quickly leaves and flies back to Texas.

Emotional and on edge, she arrives at Erika Murphy’s new home. Nora tells Erika she broke her own arm to cover something up: She recently had her children’s names tattooed on her arm, but panicked when she realized it would be a constant reminder of her loss. Instead, she had the tattoo artist cover it with the Wu-Tang Clan symbol. She wonders why Erika isn’t going crazy from losing Evie, but Erika says it’s not the same thing: Evie died and was buried. The women go into the backyard and try Erika’s giant new trampoline.

“I didn’t leave Lily for you, Nora, I left her for my dad. I didn’t even know you existed.” -- Tommy

Nora is pulled over by Tommy on her way into Miracle. Tommy, aware of the visit to Kentucky, says Christine is concerned about what Nora might do. Nora reminds Tommy she voluntarily gave Lily back without a fight. After getting a large image of the Pillar Man’s corpse printed, Nora proves once and for all the man didn’t depart by placing the picture where everyone can see it.

At home, Nora heads upstairs to find Kevin with a plastic bag taped over his head. He’s surprised by her arrival. Assuring him there’s no need to explain, she shows him her Wu-Tang tattoo. He suggests they have a baby, causing Nora to burst into laughter. The phone Linn-Baker gave Nora rings; a woman with an accent asks if she can get to Melbourne with $20,000. Nora agrees and hangs up the phone. When she tells Kevin she needs to go to Australia for a few days, he asks if he can go too.

In Australia, where the anniversary of the Departure will be October 15, a police chief named Kevin is stopped at the end of his driveway by a group of women on horseback. They shoot him with a tranquilizer, and tie him to a plank over a shallow pool of water. Led by a woman named Grace, they drop the man into the water until he’s drowned. When he doesn’t revive, the women realize they have the wrong Kevin and panic. Kevin Garvey, Sr. emerges from a nearby house, leaning on a crutch, and asks the women what they are up to.