Solace For Tired Feet
The Leftovers | Season 1 | Episode 7

Solace For Tired Feet

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Written by Damon Lindelof & Jacqueline Hoyt

Directed by Mimi Leder

While pulling down posters pasted on a wall with other members of the Guilty Remnant, Laurie Garvey notices her daughter across the street. The two exchange stares and continue on. The black and white posters are of Gladys with the caption: "SAVE THEM."

Jill watches Scott Frost stumble out of an abandoned refrigerator after spending 28 minutes inside. She decides to go for the record - but her friends insist she first recite the game's invocation in remembrance of the boy who disappeared from inside on Oct. 14. Record broken, Jill's friends reach for the door - but the handle breaks off, causing a panic. A man in a bathrobe tips the fridge over, forces the door open and helps Jill out. "Don't tell your dad you saw me," says her grandfather before running off.

"Those f**kers ruined it, huh?" - Nora Durst

On their fifth date, Kevin Garvey and Nora Durst pull into her driveway to seal the deal but Kevin is upset to see Meg and another member of the Remnant standing watch. Unmoved by Kevin's fury, they are forced away when Nora soaks them with her garden hose. Nora ridicules the G.R., belatedly remembering that Laurie Garvey is one. Mood broken, the two make plans to try again the next night.

Kevin returns home and finds the girls in deep discussion. Prodded by Aimee, Jill asks about her grandfather and learns he was institutionalized because he hurt people. When Jill lets her dad know Kevin, Sr. is on the run, the chief immediately puts his men on alert.

"Don't ask me 'then what?'" - Wayne

Tom cares for a feverish Christine; it's been two months since Wayne's last call. The phone rings while Tom searches a pharmacy for medicines. Sitting on a cot in a basement, a disoriented Wayne gives Tom specific instructions to split what cash he has left and tape it to a mailbox elsewhere in the city. "It won't be long now," he tells Tom before hanging up.

Kevin goes to Mayor Lucy's house in search of his father and finds out it's been a month since she last spoke to him. Lucy breaks some news to the chief: "He's not coming to me... He's coming to you." Kevin sets up his walkie at home to listen to the dispatches but falls asleep. Waking up, he hears the word "Cairo" over his walkie and howling outside. A series of visions confuse Kevin: Dean in his driveway, urging him towards a mailbox with a feral dog trapped inside; Tommy in the doorway; Laurie's bloody body in a pile. Reaching for the mailbox, he awakes with a start on his bedroom floor. A bandage on his left hand covers a dog bite and a feral dog barks unceasingly from the back porch.

"He said he needed to get something. For his son." - Library custodian

When Kevin is unable to explain the dog, Aimee fills in the blanks: Kevin brought it home last night with the intention of rehabilitating it. The chief gets a call that sends him to the Mapleton Library, now in shambles. Kevin interrogates the library employees about his father's path of destruction and learns his father tried to borrow $200.

Jill is surprised to see her grandfather in the backyard fighting the feral dog. Inviting him inside, she asks how he knew to help her but doesn't believe his explanation that he found her by chance. Unable to borrow money from Jill, Kevin, Sr. decides to sedate the dog instead. Jill takes him to her father's room where he goes through Kevin's pills, but the chief arrives home before the task is finished. Jill uses one of the twins' credit cards to place an order online after finding a slip of paper her grandfather left behind.

Kevin takes his dad into custody but shrugs off his advice to quit taking so many meds. When a G.R. demonstration blocks their way, Kevin, Sr. jumps out of the car and makes a run for it. Kevin gives chase but is unable to catch his dad with so many Remnants in his way. They hold signs with a hand-scrawled change to the Gladys poster: "DON'T SAVE THEM."

"Because I've got one too." - Tom Garvey

Per Wayne's instructions, Tom tapes the cash to the underside of a mailbox. He follows the man who picks it up back to a motel, and breaks into the room in search of Wayne. It's empty except for the man, Bryan, and another pregnant girl.

Kevin returns home where Aimee is alone watching TV. When she questions his memory, Kevin pointedly reminds her she's a guest in his home. Kevin flushes all his pills down the toilet and goes to the backyard to feed the dog. Outside, he spots a trowel by the grill and discovers the cash-filled jar of peanut butter along with his father's note to the reverend. He speeds off to Matt Jamison's house, but only finds members of the congregation at work printing posters of Gladys. Kevin instructs Roxana to call Matt, and learns that the reverend is indeed with his dad. Matt tells him where to meet.

Tom and Bryan exchange stories about the night of the raid and realize Wayne used the same speeches on both of them. Bryan tells Tom that he received a hug "and it was f**king real." The conversation is interrupted when a hysterical Liane, the pregnant girl, pulls a gun and starts shooting at Tom, demanding Christine's location. "He's the bridge," she wails about her unborn child. Tom escapes but is hit in the left hand.

"The whistle blew three years ago and you can't ignore it anymore." - Kevin Garvey, Sr.

With his men at the ready in the parking lot, Kevin meets his father at a diner. He agrees to uncuff him but is confused when his father hands him a copy of the May 1972 issue of National Geographic. Kevin, Sr. tries to explain his voices may seem crazy, but they only speak the truth. Because Kevin refuses his father's words and the magazine, his dad lashes out and causes a scene. The chief wrestles him to the ground and with a sympathetic Rev. Jamison, returns him to the institution. "They're not going to let you off that easy, son," his dad whispers in his ear.

Ignoring Meg and her partner, Kevin goes to Nora's and the two hungrily tear off each other's clothes. Meg returns to the G.R. house to inform Laurie about the tryst, and she responds, "So?" The next morning, Kevin starts to tell Jill about Nora, but stops in his tracks when he sees the May 1972 issue of National Geographic on the kitchen counter. Jill explains she ordered it for her grandfather, but Kevin drops it in the trash. He pulls it out after the girls leave.

On his way back to the apartment, Tom smashes the phone when Wayne calls again. Tom follows a bloody trail to the bathroom and finds Christine in the bathtub, cradling her newborn baby. "It's a girl," she says.